The Warren Commission tells us that Oswald also killed Dallas Police Officer J D Tippit.

The official records prove this charge False also.

Oswald's housekeeper Earlene Roberts, stated that Oswald came home at 1:00 or a little after. See YESTIMONY page. She stated that while Oswald was in his room a Police car stopped out front & beeped the horn twice.

She stated he left in 3 or 4 minutes. (see below) She said shortly after he left she looked out the window & saw Oswald standing by the bus stop.

Star witness Helen Markham stated that she was on her way to catch the 1:15 bus down on Jefferson to go to work.

She arrived at the corner of 10th & Patton at 1:06 & witnessed Tippit's murder. see below.


Helen Markham was going to catch her 1:15 bus to work on Jefferson one block away.

The timing is buttressed by T F Bowley. see below.

Thanks to Sammy G>>> Sammy G. <unome_gldd@yahoo.com>

Below is Tippit's Death Certificate.

Tippit's body was taken to methodist Hospital & arriving at 1:15.


Pronounced Dead at 1:15.

Autopsy Finish at 3:00 p.m.

Below from Commission Document #5 (pronounced dead @ 1:25)

From HSCA V olume VIII

From Oswald's rooming house to the Tippit murder scene is 0.85 miles. Do they really want us to believe that Oswald was "The Fastest Man in the World"?

BTW; It was NOT Oswald's jacket found in the used car lot. The jacket found had a Cleaner's tag on it. Marina testified that she always washed his jackets.

SEE timing for Oswald.



Tippit shells NOT ID'd. (below)

From Volume XXIV page 415 (below)

The shells recovered from the Tippit shooting were described as coming from an "Automatic" pistol.

See DPD radio report from Volume XXI page 296 (below)


Automatic cartridge shells are Stamped at the bottom of the shells as "AUTO".




(WR 172) States that one bullet taken from officer Tippit match Oswald's 38 "TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHER WEAPONS"


(WR 559) "The .38 had been RECHAMBERED for a .38 Special cartridge, it had not been REBARRELED for a .38 Special bullet. The barrel was therefore slightly oversized for a .38 Special bullet, which has a smaller diameter than a .38 S&W bullet. This would cause the passage of a .38 Special bullet through the barrel to be eratic, resulting in inconsistent microscopic markings."

From WCR page 172 below.

From WCR page 559. Below

Below is a workup done by a friend who Teaches Police at Quantico.

(8:28 PM) Bob-500: Name: Robert P. Paterniti. Firearms Ins. Contract Ins. FBI Academy Quantico, Va. from 1996 to 2005. Presently Ins. at Youngstown State U and Kent State U in the Police Basic Law Enforcement program.

(8:42 PM) Bob-500: Along with his other responsibilities at YSU he conducts inservice firearms programs of serving police officers in combat tactics with handgun, shotgun and tactical rifle.

(9:30 PM) Bob-500: Tom! What also needs to be added. I've been A Gunsmith for over 30 years specializing in handgun modifications. (9:56 PM) Bob-500: Tom. Must dash will get that info for you and advise!!! ? Bob-500 is now offline.Messages will be delivered when they sign on to Paltalk.











The Warren Commission tells us that Tippit was a Devoted family man.

The DPD website lists Tippit's family address as "238 Glencairn".

Se Robert Paterniti HERE>>> http://www.kent.edu/policeacademy/whats-new.cfm


The DPD radio log lists J D's address as 7500 S. Beckley. (2.6 miles from Oswald)

HSCA Volume XII Page 39 tells us of Tippit having an "Affair" with Johnnie Maxie Witherspoon who worked with Tippit at Austin's Bar-B Cue.


(13) Committee investigators also interviewed Mrs. Johnnie Maxie Witherspoon.(23) Mrs. Witherspoon stated that she became acquainted with Officer Tippit during his employment at Austin's Barbecue.(24) Mrs. Witherspoon informed the committee that she and Tippet engaged in a relationship and started dating for a couple of years.(25) She said that the relationship ended in the summer of 1963 when her husband returned home.(26) She also indicated that Bill Anglin was an associate of J.D. Tippit's.(27)


Gil Jesus was kind enough to bring this to our attention on the Newsgroup>>>

Mr. DULLES. A rumor reached me that Officer Tippit had been some way
involved in some narcotic trouble, I don't know what the foundation
of that is. Do you know anything about that at all?

Mr. CURRY. Nothing whatsoever; no, sir.

Representative FORD. You mean you know nothing about it or you
checked it out and there is no validity?

Mr. CURRY. This is the first I ever heard of it that he was involved
in any narcotics.

( 4 H 177-178 )

Here's the Proof of Gil's Honesty from the actual volumes>>>

Thanks Gil

The 38 caliber bullets aledgedly taken from Oswald's pocket appear to have "Gunbelt Residue" on them. Oswald was NOT known to have a Gunbelt. DPD Officers DID use "Gunbelts".


JFK: Did Oswald shoot Tippit? Eyewitnesses: NO; Warren Commission: YES

JFK:Did Oswald shoot Tippit? Eyewitnesses:NO; Warren Commission:YES

Richard Charnin
Aug. 19, 2014

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According to all eyewitnesses, J.D. Tippit was shot no later than 1:06 pm. Oswald was standing outside his apartment at 1:04, 0.8 miles from the scene of the murder. So the Warren Commission needed to add ten minutes to the time of the murder to get Oswald at the scene by 1:16. Even that’s a stretch; covering 0.8 miles in 12 minutes (4.0 mph) is very fast walking. This lie was standard operating procedure for the Commission. Witness testimony and physical evidence which proved Oswald’s innocence was ignored or altered to fit the Lone Gunman myth.

• DPD Channel 1 dispatcher Murray Jackson contacts Tippit at 1:03 to get his location but gets no response. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/car10.htm

• Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Craig hears of the Tippit shooting at 1:06 over the police radio. http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/WTKaP.pdf

•  Dallas policeman T.F Bowley arrives at the scene at 1:10. http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth339132/

• According to Warren Commission exhibit 705,  immediately following T.F Bowley’s transmission at 1:10, the DPD dispatcher called over DPD Channel 1 radio that Tippit had been shot. http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh17/pdf/WH17_CE_705.pdf

• Helen Markham signs an affidavit on November 22nd that she was standing at the corner at “approximately 1:06″ when she saw Officer Tippit pull over and talk to a man for a few seconds before he exited his vehicle and was shot She maintained a consistent time when she told the Warren Commision that “it wasn’t 6 or 7 minutes after 1″ http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/04/0444-001.gif

• Barbara Jeanette Davis signs an affidavit on November 22nd that she heard two shots “shortly after 1 PM”. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/04/0447-001.gif

• Ted Callaway signed an affidavit on November 22nd that he heard some shots “about 1 PM”. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/04/0453-001.gif

• Mrs. Margie Higgins of 417 East 10th Street said that “I just looked up at the clock on my television to verify the time and it said 1:06. At that point I heard the shots”. http://thegirlonthestairs.wordpress.com/

• Sam Guinyard signs an affidavit on November 22nd that he heard some shooting “about 1 PM” near Patton and 10th Street. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/04/0482-001.gif

• Domingo Benavides was driving west along 10th Street when he heard the shooting. Startled by the shots, Benavides pulled his pick-up truck to the curb almost directly across the street from Tippit’s patrol car, and ducked down inside his truck. Benavides informed the Warren Commission that he remained in his pick-up truck “for a few minutes” before exiting. He then went to Tippit and seeing that he was dead used Tippit’s car radio to call for help. When he replaced the microphone he looked up to see DP T. F. Bowley, who signed an affidavit that he arrived and saw “several people were at the scene” and Officer Tippit lying on the street dead. He checked his watch; it was 1:10. He then used the officer’s car radio to call in the murder. http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh6/html/WC_Vol6_0228a.htm

• On January 21st 1964, Albert Austin signed an affidavit saying that “sometime after 1:00 PM” he heard approximately two or three shots and saw a policeman lying in front of a police car on the left front side. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/austin.htm

• On January 21st 1964, Francis Kinneth signed an affidavit saying that “at approximately 1:00 PM” he heard two or three shots and saw a parked police car and a uniformed police officer lying on the ground.


• Frank Cimino signed an affidavit on December 3rd that “at about 1:00 PM” he heard four loud noises which sounded like shots. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/cimino_f.htm

• During the Warren Commission testimony of Officer J. M. Poe, assistant counsel Joseph A. Ball refers to Poe entering a witness-provided description on the dispatcher transcript log at 1:22 PM. According to Poe, by the time he arrived at the scene there were already “150 to 200 people around there” and the ambulance had already left. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/poe.htm

Did the Warren Commission tell the truth about anything? It did not mention that bullets recovered from Tippit’s body were from an automatic and Oswald had a revolver; or the vast majority of Dealey Plaza witnesses who heard or saw shots from the Grassy Knoll; the Zapuder film; or the impossible Magic Bullet which entered JFK’s back 5.5″ below the collar and never exited; or JFK Limo coming to a full stop; or the “double-bang” of nearly simultaneous shots; or Oswald in the Doorway of the TSBD; or why Billy Lovelady was asked to place a black arrow pointing to himself in the black area of Altgens6; or the fake Oswald backyard photos; or the 7.65 Mauser initially identified by 5 witnesses morphing into a Mannlicher Carcano; or that there is no record of Oswald ordering or taking delivery of the Carcano, or of Oswald being a $200/month FBI informer.

And the clincher: they expect us to believe that Oswald ran from the 6th floor to the second floor lunchroom in 75-90 seconds, holding a coke and cool as a cucumber. One fairy tale after another.

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    The commission took the time of death pronounced at the hospital (115) and said it was the time of the shooting ! ! !


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