Who's In the Doorway?

The Altgens photo shows Kennedy reacting to the First shot.  (fig 1)

In the background is the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. (fig 2)

A man standing on the left hand side of that doorway looks exactly like Oswald. 

Even the shirt on the man in the doorway looks exactly like the shirt Oswald was arrested in. see (fig 3)

If Oswald was in the doorway during the shooting sequence, he could NOT have also been on the 6th floor firing a rifle at JFK. 

Because that photo was sent around the world immediately, it couldn't be hidden.

When the Warren Report was released in September of 1964 they said that the man in the doorway was another TSBD employee named Billy Nolan Lovelady.

What the Warren Commission neglected to include is the following FBI Report stating that on 11/22/63 Lovelady wore a "Short sleeved shirt with Broad Red/White Vertical stripes. (fig 4)

The FBI also included photos of Lovelady in that Red/White striped shirt. (fig 5)

To ESCAPE from the facts posted above,

They HAD to place Oswald Elsewhere.  

This is where the Lunchroom encounter comes in.

The Warren Commission stated that Dallas Policeman Marion L. Baker (motorcycle officer) heard the shots while on Houston St. & raced to the TSBD.                                

Building Superintendent Roy Truly showed Baker to the elevator which was hung up on an upper floor so, Truly escorted Baker to the stairs and, ran up the stairs ahead of Baker on they're route to get to the roof of the TSBD.

The Report goes on to say that Baker encountered Oswald in the 2nd floor lunchroom within 90 seconds of the shots.    Truly noticed Baker was no longer following him up the stairs so Truly came back & found Baker with a gun pointing at Oswald.

Baker asked Truly if Oswald worked in the building.  Truly said Yes so, Baker let Oswald go & continued to follow Truly to the roof.

The PROBLEM with this lunchroom encounter is that Baker gave Four (4) different accounts of that encounter.  Indicating that Baker Lied a minimum of 3 times.

See following exhibits.


Who is in the Doorway?

 (Oswald or, Lovelady?)

The Altgens photo was taken just as President Kennedy was reacting to being struck in the throat by the first shot.


This was the FIRST picture published around the world that day.


In the background of that photo is the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository with several TSBD employees standing in that doorway. (see figure 1)


  Blow-Up of the man in the left side of the doorway (see figure 1a)

On the left hand side of the doorway stands a man with a “Striking Resemblance” to that of Lee Oswald in the doorway.                                                      

The shirt on the man in the doorway also resembles the shirt Oswald was wearing when he was taken into custody. (see figure 2)


Needless to say…If Oswald was standing in the doorway, he could NOT possibly have been in the sixth floor window firing the shots.


The Warren Commission CLAIMS that the man in the doorway was NOT Oswald. But, ANOTHER TSBD employee named Billy Nolan Lovelady.


Above photo courtesy of Jerry McCleer. SEE>>>   http://jfkresearch.freehomepage.com/


#1.  FBI report stating that on THAT day, Lovelady wore a “short sleeved, broad red/white vertical striped shirt.         

       (see figure 3)


   The FBI also included photos of Lovelady wearing the shirt described in above report. (see figure 4)



#2.  To support the CLAIM that Oswald was NOT in the doorway, the Commission tells us that within  90 seconds of the last shot, Oswald was encountered in the 2nd floor lunchroom by DPD Officer Marion. Baker and L. L. Baker & TSBD Superintendent Roy S. Truly, who testified that they were on their                             way to the roof                


Officer Baker gave FOUR (4) Different accounts of THAT encounter.

Indicating that Officer Baker LIED a minimum of 3 times & possibly 4 times.

Please notice that there are TWO doors to the lunchroom on “Different Angles”. (see figures 7 & 8)


a.       Baker’s original report stated that he saw Oswald walking  AWAY FROM the stairway

 TOWARDS the Lunchroom. (see figure 5). Which stairway was Baker referring to? Was Oswald 

coming from 3rd floor OR, 1st Floor?


b.       Baker then stated that he saw Oswald inside the lunchroom “Drinking a coke”. (see figure 6) 

c.       Baker then Crossed-Out the “Drinking a coke line. (also figure 6)


d.       The Warren Commission published TWO  (2) diagrams of the 2nd floor showing Baker’s location when he spotted Oswald. (1 with printed notes & 1 with hand written notes)   (see figures 7 & 8)  




If it was Baker’s intention to go to the roof, WHAT was he doing way over by the lunchroom doorway while Truly took the logical sharp left to continue up the next flight of stairs?  (see hand written notes on figure 7)


FINALLY… See Baker’s Testimony published in the 26 volumes in which he states that he spotted Oswald            

                            In the lunchroom as soon as Baker reached the Top Step on the 2nd floor landing. (see figure 9)

TOTALLY Impossible due to the angle of the 2 doors to the lunchroom. (see figure 10)





It’s You’re Call Folks. (More to follow)


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