Information about pamphlets written by Corliss Lamont, including the Basic Pamphlets series and books containing collections of previously-published pamphlets.

The Basic Pamphlets Series

Over the course of more than a half-century, Corliss Lamont authored approximately three dozen pamphlets on a variety of subjects. Prominent among these was the Basic Pamphlets series, privately published by Dr. Lamont and sold directly by him through mail order via a local post office box in New York. Included below is a list of all 29 titles in the Basic Pamphlets series, with cover reproductions of six of the pamphlets.

1. Are We Being Talked Into War? (1952)

2. The Civil Liberties Crisis (1952)

3. The Humanist Tradition (1952, 16 pages - Second Printing, 1955)

4. Effects of American Foreign Policy (1952, 40 pages)

5. Back to the Bill of Rights

6. The Myth of Soviet Aggression (Second, revised edition, December 1953, 16 pages)

7. Challenge to McCarthy (February 1954, 32 pages)

8. The Congressional Inquisition (May 1954, 36 pages)

9. The Assault on Academic Freedom

10.                    The Right to Travel (December 1957, 44 pages)

11.                    To End Nuclear Bomb Tests [Co-authored by Margaret I. Lamont] (1958, 44 pages)

12.                    A Peace Program for the U.S.A. (1959, 24 pages - Second printing, March 1959)

13.                    My Trip Around The World (1960, 48 pages)

14.                    The Crime Against Cuba [Mary Redmer, Editor] (June 1961, 40 pages)

15.                    My First Sixty Years (1962, 52 pages - Second printing, February 1963)

16.                    The Enduring Impact of George Santayana (1964)

17.                    The Tragedy of Vietnam: Where Do We go from Here? [Authored by Helen Boyden Lamont] (1964, 50 pages)

18.                    Vietnam: Corliss Lamont vs. Ambassador Lodge (1967, 32 pages)

19.                    How To Be Happy — Though Married (1973, 24 pages)

20.                    The Meaning of Vietnam and Cambodia

21.                    Trip to Communist China — An Informal Report (1976, 28 pages)

22.                    Adventures In Civil Liberties (1977, 28 pages)

23.                    Immortality: Myth Or Reality? (1974, 40 pages)

24.                    Resolute Radical At 83 - later published as Steadfast Activist at 84 (1985, 40 pages)

25.                    The Right to Know: The Civil Liberties Campaign Against Secrecy in Government [Corliss Lamont, Editor] (December 1986, 40 pages)

26.                    Jesus As A Free Speech Victim: Trial by Terror 2000 Years Ago [Authored by Clifford J. Durr, Introduction by Corliss Lamont, published on behalf of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC)] (Fourth Edition, 1987, 24 pages)

27.                    The Assurance Of Free Choice (September 1987, 40 pages)

28.                    Panama—Operation Injustice [Compiled and Written by Corliss Lamont and Beth Lamont] (1990, 16 pages)

29.                    Persian Gulf Crisis—UN Peace Negotiations; No To War! [Written and Edited by Corliss Lamont and Beth Lamont] (1990, 24 pages)

Basic Pamphlet 14, The Crime Against Cuba, is of special interest even today due to the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected assassin of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, distributed copies of it on the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, during the summer of 1963, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) purchased 45 copies of the pamphlet in June 1961. The Crime Against Cuba was Exhibit No. 3120 in the Warren Commission Report.


Assassination Archives and Research Center
AARC Public Digital Library - Warren Report
Oswald distributing Fair Play For Cuba handbills in New Orleans, August 16, 2003

Assassination Archives and Research Center
Warren Commission, Volume XXVI: CE 3120 - Pamphlet entitled "The Crime Against Cuba" [HTML]

Assassination Archives and Research Center
Warren Commission, Volume XXVI: CE 3120 - Pamphlet entitled "The Crime Against Cuba" [PDF]

Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination
Let Justice Be Done / Chapter 4: The Return of Lee Harvey Oswald (by William Davy)

Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The John F. Kennedy Assassination Information Center
Photograph of "The Crime Against Cuba" pamphlet, 544 Camp Street [GIF]

Independent Research Associates, New York, NY
A.J. Weberman Coup D'etat In America Data Base
Nodule 14 - Oswald New Orleans: Part Two
Oswald asks to be interviewed by the FBI

Other Pamphlets

In addition to the well-known Basic Pamphlets series, Corliss Lamont also wrote a number of other pamphlets. These other pamphlets were mostly published and distributed by organizations that were friendly to the Soviet Union and to the Soviet cause. Included below is a list of six of these other pamphlets, along with cover reproductions. Also included is a link to download an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) version of On Understanding Soviet Russia, (New York, Friends of the Soviet Union, 1934, 32 pages). It should be noted that the text contained within the PDF version of On Understanding Soviet Russia is an accurate rendering of the original pamphlet. None of the typographical errors, misspellings, etc. that appeared in the paper version of the document have been corrected in this electronic version.

Download On Understanding Soviet Russia   [10,791,886 bytes].

·      Socialist Planning in Soviet Russia (New York, Friends of the Soviet Union, 1935, 40 pages)

·      Soviet Russia and Religion (New York, International Pamphlets, 1936, 24 pages)

·      Soviet Russia versus Nazi Germany: A study in contrasts (New York, The American Council on Soviet Relations, First Edition August 1941 - Second Edition March 1942, 52 pages)

·      Soviet Russia and the Post-War World (New York, National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, First Edition May 1943 - Second Edition May 1944, 36 pages)

·      Soviet Aggression: Myth or Reality? (New York, self-published, June 1951, 16 pages)

·      Why I am not a Communist (New York, self-published, January 1952, 20 pages)

Book Collections of Pamphlets

In addition to the publishing of small, soft-cover pamphlets, three hard-bound books were produced that contained collections of previously-published pamphlets and other essays. Included below is a list of these three books, along with cover reproductions.

·      The Independent Mind: Essays of a Humanist Philosopher (New York, Horizon Press, 1951, 187 pages)

·      Voice in the Wilderness: Collected Essays of Fifty Years (Buffalo, Prometheus Books, 1974, 327 pages)
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-75351
International Standard Book Number: 8-87975-044-8

·      A Lifetime of Dissent (Buffalo, Prometheus Books, 1988, 414 pages)
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 88-15100
International Standard Book Number: 0-87975-463-X

The Independent Mind: Essays of a Humanist Philosopher and A Lifetime of Dissent are available for online reading on the Questia Web site.

Since Voice in the Wilderness: Collected Essays of Fifty Years isn't available in an online version, here's a copy of the book's Table of Contents (TOC), complete with the author's notes, for reference purposes. As indicated in the TOC, the text of Basic Pamphlet 14, The Crime Against Cuba, is included in this book. The text in the book, however, is slightly modified from that which appeared in the original pamphlet, and doesn't include the pamphlet's list of Suggested References.

Corliss Lamont, New York City, April 1974


The Humanist Tradition
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1952.

Naturalistic Humanism
Source: The Humanist, September/October 1971.

The Philosophic Needs of Today: The Humanist Answer
Source: American Humanist Association Pamphlet, 1957.

New Light on Dewey's Common Faith
Source: The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. LVIII, No. 1, January 5, 1961. This
article is based on a lecture given by the author on November 19, 1959, in the
University of Vermont John Dewey Centennial series.

John Dewey and the American Humanist Association
Source: The Humanist, January/February 1960.

The Enduring Impact of George Santayana
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1964.

Freedom of Choice
Source: The Humanist, March/April 1965.

B. F. Skinner's Beyond Freedom and Dignity
Source: This review of Beyond Freedom and Dignity (New York: Knopf, 1971)
was first published in
Science and Society, Summer 1973.

Self-Determinism and Freedom of Choice
Source: This review of "Self-Determinism" (American Philosophical Quarterly,
July 1973) was published in
The Humanist, May/June 1974.

Spiritualism and Reincarnation
Source: This review of A Critical Examination of the Belief in a Life After Death
(Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas, 1961) was published in the
British Journal
for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. XIII, 1962.

Mistaken Attitudes Towards Death
Source: The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. LXII, No. 2, January 21, 1965.

The Crisis Called Death
Source: The Humanist, January/February 1967.

Philosophy in Revolution: A Review
Source: This review of Philosophy in Revolution (New York: International
Publishers, 1957) was published in
Science and Society, Winter 1958.

How To Be Happy — Though Married
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1973.

The Affirmation of Life
Source: Man Answers Death (Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press, 1969).


It All Began in the Yard
Source: Bill of Rights Journal, December 1969.

The Assault on Academic Freedom
Source: Address to the Teachers Union of New York City, November 21, 1954.

A Good Fight
Source: Excerpt from a speech by Corliss Lamont at a meeting of the Teachers
Union of New York City, New York, November 21, 1954; printed in
Review, January 1955.

The Unending Struggle for Civil Liberties
Source: This article was an address delivered April 2, 1955, on accepting an
award from the Teachers Union of New York City for "Valiant and Unswerving
Defense of Intellectual Freedom."

Dissent in the West
Source: This review of Heroes and Heretics (New York: Knopf, 1964) was first
published in
The Humanist, September/October 1964.

More on Heroes and Heretics
Source: Monthly Review, April 1965.

William O. Douglas's A Living Bill of Rights
Source: This review of A Living Bill of Rights (New York: Doubleday, 1961) was
first published in the
National Guardian, May 22, 1961.

Paul Blanshard's The Right To Read
Source: This review of The Right To Read (Boston: Beacon Press, 1955) was first
published in
Science and Society, Summer 1956.

O, Canada . . .
Source: National Guardian, July 2, 1956.

Paranoia on the Loose
Source: National Guardian, May 14, 1962.

The Bill of Rights Fund
Source: The Churchman, April 1962.

Mission to Mexico
Source: New World Review, January 1962.

The Cassandras in America
Source: The New York Times, July 25, 1971.


Ideas for Irreconcilables
Source: The Harvard Advocate, June 1923.

Why I Believe in Socialism
Source: Monthly Review, October 1949.

Dangers of American Foreign Policy
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1952.

Why the Bomb Was Dropped
Source: This review of The Decision To Drop the Bomb (New York: Coward-
McCann, 1965) was first published in
New World Review, November 1965.

Juggernaut: The Warfare State
Source: National Guardian, December 20, 1961.

The Ordeal of Soviet Russia
Source: New World Review, February 1958.

The Crime Against Cuba
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1961.

An Open Letter to President John F. Kennedy
Source: The New York Times, April 11, 1962.

The Undeclared War:
The U.S. Army vs. the People of South Vietnam
Source: New World Review, May 1962.

Vietnam: Corliss Lamont vs. Ambassador Lodge
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1967.

Mexico and Its Painters
Source: Daily Compass, August 26-31, September 2, 1951.

My Trip Around the World
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1960.

An Interview with Chile's President Allende
Source: The Churchman, October 1971.

South American Sidelights
Source: The Churchman, December 1971.


Epilogue I: My First Sixty Years
Source: Basic Pamphlet, 1962.

Epilogue II: In Retrospect at Seventy-Two
For the Harvard Class of 1924 50th Anniversary Report, 1974.