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After World War II JFK had been one of those who pilloried Truman for
having "lost China to the Communists." So he was deeply concerned not
to provoke a similar campaign of vilification against himself by
losing in Vietnam. From the 1950s he had been espoused the domino
theory, saying "that a Communist takeover in Indo-China would imperil
Burma, Thailand and other independent states." Privately he told Dean
Rusk, "'If we have to fight in SEAsia, lets fight in Vietnam. The
Vietnamese, at least, are committed and will fight. There are a
million refugees from Communism in S. Vietnam. Vietnam is the place.'"
On many occasions JFK publicly rejected withdrawal, announcing his
determination to stay in South Vietnam to defeat the "Communist
aggression" against it because "For us to withdraw from this effort
would begin a collapse not only of South Vietnam but of Southeast
Asia. So we are going to stay there." This theme was emphatically
reiterated in the speech he was going to give in Dallas the day he was


Below is the actual Dallas Speech from the JFK Presidential Library website.


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