91-38 m-l rifle



Below, how to disassemble and, reassemble a model 91/38 manlicher-carcano 6.5 rifle  (WITH PHOTOS)6

91-38 m-l rifle






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Photos and Instructions by R. Ted Jeo



1) Make sure rifle is unloaded. Remove bolt by pressing trigger and pulling bolt out of rifle.

2) Remove trigger guard screws.

3) Lift up and pull trigger/follower housing out of stock.

4) Remove screw on mid barrel band. Note: the back side of this screw is a nut that includes a sling swivel.

5) Remove two screws on front barrel band.

6) Slide mid barrel band and upper wood stock off of rifle.

7) Lift up approximate 2-3 cm on rear receiver, pivoting barrel where it meets the front barrel band.

8) Barrel tilts upward and then slides forward, clearing the barrel band as well as freeing the bayonet lug carrier from the stock.

9) Major components of disassembled rifle.

10) Remove sear pin from receiver and trigger group.

11) Trigger parts released by sear pin. On my rifle, they basically all fell out once sear pin was removed.

12) On follower housing, remove the forward retaining screw

13) Using a flat screw driver, push follower through hole behind the front trigger guard screw hole. Follower assembly slides forward a bit then drops out.

14) Follower assembly as removed from follower (trigger guard) housing.

15) Remove retaining screw of clip latch.

16) You may need to use a punch to push the screw out because it is under spring tension.

17) Parts of the clip latch mechanism removed from follower housing.

18) This is perhaps the hardest and trickiest part of the Carcano rifle. I find that I don't have the finger strength or dexterity to compress the flat spring and pop out the retaining pin.

19) So, I devised an alternative method using of a wooden clothespin. I had to sand/file the sides of the clothespin to fit in between the sides of the follower holder. Then I slowly compress the entire device in a vise.

20) Once the tension is released, it is quite easy to drift out the retaining pin.

21) The parts of the follower.

22) The flat spring can be removed from the housing by tilting it upwards.

23) Once the angle is enough, you will be able to push/lift the flat spring out of the housing.

24) Follower parts.

Reassembly Instructions

25) Insert spring into clip latch and place latch into housing.

26) Depress latch and align holes in housing and latch. Insert screw and tighten.

27) Insert flat spring into follower housing, note how the tab of the spring goes into the hole in the housing.

28) Once inserted, the tab will be flush with the outside of the housing.

29) Note the notch on the spring and how it aligns with the follower.

30) Using the same wood/vise combination, compress the flat spring until the holes align and pop in the retaining pin. Slowly release the vise, spring is under tension.

31) Insert follower assembly into trigger housing. Tip rear end downward and the press the follower assembly into place.

32) Once the follower assembly is in place, it will be perfectly flush with the outside of the trigger housing (you may have to tap it lightly to get it flush).

33) Insert forward retaining screw and tighten.

34) Note the straight flat face of the ejector.

35) Insert the ejector so that the straight flat side faces forward.

36) Attach the ejector spring.

37) Note the pin on the side of the trigger assembly. This is where the bolt stop (at front of picture) will attach to.

38) Note how the bolt stop attaches.

39) Place the trigger assembly into receiver. Note how the front hole aligns with the spring/ejector assembly and how the bolt stop slides into its own notch in the receiver.

40) Press down on the trigger assembly and insert the sear pin.

41) Slide the front barrel band onto barrel.

42) Slide stock under barrel band. At a slight angle, slide stock/band forward until the bayonet mount slides neatly onto the stock and the barrel band is aligned with hole on bayonet mount.

43) Receiver should drop right into the stock.

44) Insert the trigger guard.

45) Replace and tighten the trigger guard screws and tighten (longer screw is behind trigger).

46) Slide the upper stock piece into position with the mid barrel band. Note that the wood should be properly fitted to the rear sight.

47) Insert the swivel/nut on the mid barrel band. Insert screw through other side, hold swivel/nut in place and tighten screw.

48) Insert and tighten the front barrel band screws.

49) Insert bolt, press trigger and push bolt all the way into place. The rifle is reassembled.



Adobe PDF Downloadable Version of Article