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A government that extra-judicially murders, disappears, and tortures its own citizens should clean up its own act before it criticizes other nations. The US should heed former President Carter and start obeying its own Constitution if it wants to have any credibility on human rights.

Will writing this article put me on a US government hit list? Twenty years ago, such a question would have sounded absurd. Today, with the USA becoming more of a banana republic every day, it sounds increasingly realistic.

There are worse places to be a dissident than the USA.

In many countries, people who cross the line in opposing the government risk incarceration, torture, or murder.

Until recently, it was hard for American dissidents to cross that line. If they wanted to get arrested for saying something subversive, mere ideas weren't enough; they would have to actually threaten to physically harm the President or another high official.

But the post-9/11 USA is no longer a beacon of human rights. As former President Jimmy Carter recently wrote in the New York Times, “The United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights.” In his article, Carter points out that top US officials are now openly targeting US citizens for political assassination, “disappearance,” unlimited surveillance, and other forms of gross human rights abuse.

Since we now know that a secret National Security committee is ordering the murder of American citizens, and since we know the CIA has the power to easily simulate deaths from illness and accident, we might as well assume that every time a dissident dies unexpectedly, he or she has been murdered by the US government.

Consider the chilling words of Obama's information czar Cass Sunstein, who openly advocates that the US government should “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Sunstein's article “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures” argues that “conspiracy theories” (by which he means the 9/11 truth movement) are so dangerous that the government should “cognitively infiltrate” 9/11 truth groups, “disable” those who spread these ideas, and possibly even make the ideas illegal.

One way to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories” is to terrorize them with death threats. This is precisely what happened recently in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

On June 13, Dr. James Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, was scheduled to speak at the University Heights Community Center in Seattle. Shortly before the event, the Community Center received a letter that read:

“Community Center, the 9/11 truth event on June 13th is going to be attacked to Kill Jim Fetzer because he says 'Space Beams' brought down the Twin Towers. The attack may be a bomb or fire bomb or maybe just gun fire. The Bombing may come at a future date to pay you back for supporting the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer and the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer (repeated 6 times). Kill University Heights Community Center (repeated twice) Kill you now.”

Detective Kerry Hays of the Seattle Police Department is currently investigating the case.

The Community Center hastily canceled Dr. Fetzer's talk. Fortunately, an alternate venue was found at the last minute.

Then a few days later, a similar death threat was emailed to the owner of the Denman Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Dr. Fetzer was organizing the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings. This time, the threat named me and Press TV Canadian correspondent Joshua Blakeney as well as Dr. Fetzer. Fortunately, the theater owner was too busy hosting the event to read his email, so he did not become aware of the threat until the Hearings were over.

Death threats are one way to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Actual assassinations are another.

A long list of people who were trying to expose the truth of 9/11 have met with untimely, suspicious deaths. Barry Jennings, the deputy director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority on 9/11, appears to have been murdered after speaking publicly about explosions he witnessed that partly demolished World Trade Center Building 7 on the morning of 9/11. (The demolition of WTC-7, begun in the morning, was completed shortly after 5:20 that afternoon, after WTC owner Larry Silverstein and colleagues “made the decision to pull” the building according to Silverstein's own statement.)

Another 9/11 truth advocate and eyewitness, Dr. David Graham of Shreveport, Louisiana, was murdered - apparently by the FBI - for writing a book about two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, who were obvious intelligence assets controlled by people at Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham was poisoned with ethelene glycol (antifreeze). The case is discussed in Sander Hicks' new book Slingshot to the Juggernaut.

It might be objected that Jennings and Graham were murdered because they were eyewitnesses to a State Crime Against Democracy, or SCAD, not because they were dissidents. Is there any evidence that the US government (or a rogue network infiltrating it) is “disabling the purveyors” of dangerous ideas by killing or otherwise physically harming them, even if they are not eyewitnesses?

Mike Ruppert, the original leader of the 9/11 truth movement, writes that his office was attacked by microwave and/or EMF weapons after he began publishing critiques of the official story of 9/11. The attacks may have contributed to Ruppert's poor health and distraught frame of mind, which led him to quit the 9/11 truth movement and temporarily flee the USA in 2006.

Another early 9/11 truth advocate, publisher Byron Belitsos, told me that he and many other 9/11 truth organizers in California were targeted by EMF or microwave weapons during the first years after 9/11. Belitsos says the weapons were wielded by men in plain white vans that would park in front of the victim's house, and that victims suffered immediate and sometimes extreme health effects including headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, severe depression, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

It does seem that bad things have happened to far too many of the most trail-blazing, prestigious, and/or effective 9/11 truth leaders. Justin Raimondo, the pioneer investigator of Israeli complicity in 9/11, was warned away from the subject - and after he disregarded the warning, he suffered a severe heart attack, despite his relative youth and excellent physical condition. Since his mysterious heart attack, Raimondo has stayed away from the subject of 9/11, and has remained in good health.

David Ray Griffin, the world's leading voice of 9/11 truth, suffered a partially-disabling stroke in the summer of 2010. While he has recovered sufficiently to continue to write and research, the stroke left him with a slight aphasia that has ended his career as a prolific public speaker.

Dr. Bob Bowman, the former head of Star Wars under two US presidents, has had his 9/11 truth efforts slowed by his struggle with cancer.

Even more tragically, the most prestigious scientist ever to take up the cause of 9/11 truth, Lynn Margulis, died of a stroke November 22, 2011. When I last spoke to Lynn, less than a year before her death, she told me she did not want to speak publicly about 9/11 any more, because “politics is too dangerous.” She sounded scared - like someone had warned or threatened her.

Steven Jones, the physics professor who was forced out of Brigham Young University for researching the demolition of the World Trade Center, was warned to stop by a “connected” colleague. Jones did the right thing: he immediately went public about the apparent threat.

Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, may have been attacked by the type of EMF or microwave weapon described by Ruppert and Belitsos. In the summer of 2009, in Washington, DC, Gage suddenly suffered vertigo and hearing loss. Activist colleagues who were present suspect some kind of covert attack. Today, Gage still suffers from the after-effects: partial loss of hearing in one ear.

Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army's depleted uranium cleanup project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles. He described to me how he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities: “We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.” Rokke assured me that, based on his firsthand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons.

Will writing this article put me on a US government hit list? Twenty years ago, such a question would have sounded absurd. Today, with the USA becoming more of a banana republic every day, it sounds increasingly realistic.

A government that extra-judicially murders, disappears, and tortures its own citizens should clean up its own act before it criticizes other nations. The US should heed former President Carter and start obeying its own Constitution if it wants to have any credibility on human rights.



Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is www.truthjihad.com. More articles by Dr. Kevin Barrett

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Jul 1, 2012 2:27 PM

The only way anyone can do anything in this country is act alone as in Lone Wolf. One person can do a lot of damage, becuase they infiltrate right wingers big time. While allowing the crips and bloods and mexican gangs to commit all the crimes they want. They could infiltrate these gangs and shut them down inside of a year.The FBI framed Edgar Steele and Matt Hale, because they wrote books about Jews. This is about Jews. The FBI is trained by the Israelis, so the enemies are anyone who doesn't like Jews. Google : Edgar Steele and Matt Hale and read about their cases.

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Jul 1, 2012 4:20 AM

With all three branches complicit in the ongoing overthrow of America, it is important to realize that the rot has almost completely saturated the legislative process. The avenues that historically have been taken to effect change were corrupted long ago.

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Jul 1, 2012 1:15 AM

The truth will set you free, except in Amerika where it will get you killed. But what goes around will come around for though they try and put out the light of truth it can't be extinguished for we will all have to stand before a righteous judge to answer for the things which we have done. It is never too late to stand for truth and justice.

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Jun 30, 2012 6:28 PM

After being a 911 truth advocate for 10 yrs, I now believe the 911 truth movement to be a sophisticated subterfuge on the part of the top echelons of the establishment. In order to establish a lasting world government, it must have wide support. The current system must be exposed as corrupt first. To that end, the 911 movement, End the Fed, Ron Paul revolution, etc are levers. as to the TRUE NWO which will be a solution to the feigned NWO - look to films such as Zeitgeist Moving Forward, with its plan for world communism, and note the great degree of support for it in the so called truth community. That is merely one aspect of a grander scheme being played upon us. The attacks on 911 truth, Ron Paul, etc are all stage play. Though the lower level agents may not know their roles and are sincere in their aggressions.

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investigatein reply to James

7/13/2012 5:45:06 AM

theres plenty of irrefutable proof that can be found here ae911truth.org to show that its not unreasonable to demand a proper transparent independent unfettered investigation with subpoena power. thats all activists for truth need do, there is no need to argue points, or offer alternate hypothesis..the only proper avenenue to establish beyond all reasonable doubt, is a proper investigation.

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joe bassettin reply to James

7/1/2012 2:34:14 PM

The ABC agencies OSI, CIA and FBI have been taken over by the Jews. This is exactly what ahppened in Russia and Germany. We know what happens next. We might have full blown murdeer squads. But we deserve this, because we destroyed Germany and they would have destroyed Communism. Now we pay, because the bad guys know we are learning the truth more and more each day.

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Jun 30, 2012 12:22 PM

The USA is going the way of the Roman Empire. Insanity at the top just like in Rome then the fall but in the USA it is greatly speeded up. Turn to God, accept the teachings of Jesus and know contentment and purpose.

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Jun 30, 2012 4:24 AM

The USA and most western governments have recruited a large percentage of their own citizens and have begun a slow process of eliminating political enemies using covert methods.

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Jun 29, 2012 9:29 PM

Most people know who the real terrorists are.They lift their heads high with their crimes against humanity.They will find themselves without the energy to fight another war, as people becime more aware of what their govt is really doing!

Like 16 | Dislike 1 | Reply

The KnowingKnower

Jun 29, 2012 2:57 PM

Now this is exactly the kind of article that won't get flying marks in College. Dr. Barrett correctly articulates the the dark transformation of the US. He tells us a few people facing mistreatment for airing their views.However, he clearly fails to tell us who the faceless entity he names "US Government" is.Pinpointing specific groups and power brokers within the ruling class would make for easier reading. You can't lay blame on just an entity.The world is moving away from generalizations. I'd suppose Barrett us on such a path.

Like 14 | Dislike 4 | Reply

Mary Sparrowdancerin reply to The KnowingKnower

6/30/2012 12:38:16 PM

To "KnowingKnower," it is at this time impossible to identify the individuals behind the threats because they are all hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. That is their "safety feature."

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Lahcen Oizazin reply to The KnowingKnower

6/29/2012 9:30:27 PM

Zionists had a pact with the timeless global elite to establish world domination for their mutual benefits. This pact with the devil must be ended before nations are been destroyed. The only cure is the truth and only the truth.

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Jun 29, 2012 1:45 PM

I pray GOD protects him and all those who want TRUTH to prevail.

Like 22 | Dislike 1 | Reply


Jun 29, 2012 11:33 AM

The zionist controls DC so what else do you expect, or will former president Carter truthfully say he was not used while in office by these blood thirst element. Let him champion an open cause against them.No matter what the TRUTH shall come to the open one day, let them continue to suppress it even after their death.

Like 23 | Dislike 1 | Reply

Mindano Iha

Jun 29, 2012 11:14 AM

In Norway they do things with silk gloves. It's a very tidy country and people who don't conform are forcibly put away in psychiatric institutions where they have no legal rights. They are then force treated with electro-shock and depot injections of psych medicines which often give irreversible side effects and strokes. In this way they are "neutralised". Norway has far more people interned involuntarily than other Scandinavian countries.

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Jun 29, 2012 10:31 AM

Germany in the Third Reich was the Iran of today. Germany spoke up to the international criminal network and proved that the total driving force behind it was "zionists". Germany then destroyed the Zionist crime network in Germany.

Like 27 | Dislike 2 | Reply


Jun 29, 2012 8:25 AM

Anyone who writes, blogs, produces video's or speaks out boldly in exposing zionist crimes against humanity is targeted without exception. They have at their disposal an arsenal of silent weapons and bio-weapons they use on outspoken political dissidents in particular. A safe haven is needed to seek asylum...to share, collaborate and compile masses of evidence and truth that they seek to silence and destroy.

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Jun 29, 2012 8:2 AM

There is absolutely no doubt, that building 7 was 'controlled demolition'. Building 7 is the THIRD building which came down on 911, at about 5pm, even though nothing hit it. This fact (building 7) IMPLICATES, the cause of the other 2 buildings.

Like 36 | Dislike 1 | Reply


Jun 29, 2012 1:31 AM

Wow........Shocking and Scary.........America calls itself DEMOCRACY?????.........Maybe for the ones that are allowed to stay alive and harmless and accept LIES by the ZIONIST mouth piece, THEIR MEDIA..............Mossad agents are good at covering up THEIR trace, or setting up foes to blame............Unless there is a REVOLUTION in America, nothing will be ever exposed.........Nothing at all.......Kennedy's death is another example!!!

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Jun 28, 2012 10:51 PM

It is impossible to deny or ignore the fact that the zionist regime - and that encompasses not just the head of the snake in the land of the Palestinians but the body of the snake in the UK and USA - are proven liars.The slaughter of those who might expose the reality and peel away the layers of the onion or blow away the smokescreen is also a proven strategy. On the side of truth we have history - and despite the concerted efforts of the zionists to hide and distort the real history anyone with determination is able to look behind the facade and see the true evil at work. Look back in history and examine the scribes who were in a position to record the false history - look at the present and examine the scribes of today (the media) and witness the false history they are feeding to the masses. The WTC event on 911 is easily dissected by simply asking the question "who are the real benefactors of the event?" The answer to that question is quite clearly "zionism"!

Like 44 | Dislike 0 | Reply

twin tower

Jun 28, 2012 9:5 PM

Truly shocking. What is America? It's something evil, chilling. Why do American gov want to deny justice to 9/11 victims?

Like 74 | Dislike 2 | Reply

Indiain reply to twin tower

6/30/2012 9:28:44 AM

Very true... they just don't want it because they know finally they are going to be exposed at the end. I just don't understand why American citizens are allowing a bunch of criminal jews lobby to dictate their nation's policies.

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realin reply to twin tower

6/29/2012 12:34:50 AM

Because the whole purpose of 9/11 was so that the satan worshipers and their zionist masonic secret societies of evangelicals and jew lovers to declare war on Islam and Allah and their "big idea" to conquer the planet ruled by isrhell for its beloved antichrist.

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Criminal minds

Jun 28, 2012 8:5 PM

What else can we expect from a government that is run by thugs and criminals with no moral or ethical values?

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Jun 28, 2012 7:12 PM

Scary but informative and timely. Thanks for the article Dr B.

Like 71 | Dislike 1 | Reply

Just World!

Jun 28, 2012 5:43 PM

Of a previous world they said, 'All roads lead to Rome'. Of this world will they say, 'All crimes lead to America?'

Like 107 | Dislike 5 | Reply

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