George Bush denies any connection to the CIA prior to President Gerald Rudolph Ford appointed him director in 1975.

We want to know WHY Bush would LIE about such a connection?

We know that his oil company is named "Zapata Oil".

We know that the CIA code name for the Bay of pigs invasion was called "Operation Zapata".  (see CIA Inspector General report)>>> http://whokilledjfk.net/i.htm

We know that Zapata Oil loaned 3 ships to the CIA for the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

We also know that Bush called the FBI on 11/22/63 to report a suspect in the JFK Assassination to report a suspect named James Parrott.






Reason for jr’s death





I've been engaging in an email correspondence with a health food store owner in Utah named True Ott, regarding John Kennedy Jr.'s final days. Ott says that John Jr. was murdered because he had come into possession, through Ott, of thorough and conclusive proof of George Bush Sr.'s direct involvement in the assassination of JFK. Ott says John was preparing to publish the information. The story Ott tells is incredible, and I certainly did not believe it the first time I heard it. However,...I've investigated and found that Ott is well known and respected nationally in the health food community. Ott is also listed on the Sierra Club and NRDC websites for the activism he claims brought him to the attention of George magazine. He has an important reputation as a respected environmental and health activist that is not helped by spreading ridiculous stories; and he assures me he wouldn't jeopardize his reputation like this if the story weren't true. You be your own judge as you read, below, what he said.

It has occurred to me, since speaking to Ott, that the day John died, he told his staff that "as long as I am alive, this magazine will publish." When I first read this story, this seemed to me an over-the- top statement from someone who had not shown a life-and-death commitment to the magazine up to that point. Ott's stunning story solves this and other important mysteries. I'll finish this letter with the latest part of my correspondence with him.

Best wishes,


True writes as follows:


I will never forget the phone call on the 4th of July weekend, 1999 - the phone call from John Jr. thanking me profusely for the information and the file. When he told me that a grand jury was to be convened and Bush was going to be indicted for the murder of his father, I tell you, I had goose bumps. For your review, here is an excerpt of what I wrote 3 years ago in my unpublished manuscript "Free at Last" concerning the event.

John, please understand that I appreciate your efforts - more than words can say. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to see your videos - for you were declaring what I had known as facts for many years - it is difficult to know the truth about national politics and power brokers when the majority of people (and the major media) all are complicit by their ignorance and willingness to accept the status quo. As Edmund Burke said: "The only thing needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing!"

In addition to the murder of John Sr., keep in mind the file also contained evidence concerning CIA orders for contract murders for witnesses of the event. There were over ten "collateral assassinations", one of which was the Dallas PD detective that was the focus of the DVD I sent you (Two Men in Dallas). Did you get that ok?

The cabal in charge of this nation is so massive and so powerful, that none dare attempt to expose it. As my D.C. attorney has counseled me, the best we can hope for is a sort of "detente" - a live and let live attitude. I don't like it, but it is the reality of life at this time. The cabal is composed of powerful Jewish banking families, with Mormon, Jesuit and Freemason allies. My attorney has flat out told me that publicizing "the file" will greatly shift the balance of "detente" - and more innocents will die. In short, the cabal doesn't give a damn if we know, only if we attempt to do something meaningful about it.

In answer to your question - it was about a week after John's plane went down. I had received about 8 calls from major news publications, (U.S. News and World Report, Time, Wall Street Journal, etc.) asking about reports that I had provided a file to John - "Did I, and what did the file contain?". I denied all, and made no comment. It was at this time that George Magazine called me as well - I think it was the editor Richard, though I am not completely certain. He told me the story was "dead" and the magazine was folding. He also told me that all evidence went with John - and that their offices had been burgled. You are right of course, it doesn't make sense that there were not any backup files - apparently they were taken as well. Again, this was a time of EXTREME CONCERN for me and my family - and I don't remember a lot of the specific details clearly. I don't mind telling you that I indeed feared for my life for at least a month. Please understand that I don't believe I am paranoid - but when one verifies that ones phones have indeed been tapped, it makes one a bit concerned.

All my best to you my friend. Keep searching for all truth. (We need a copy of the Inquirer story.)

True Ott

The " Las Vegas " Files are Examined In 1995, I was going through my safe and file cabinets, and came across the sealed, manila envelope that had been placed in my trust by my financial planning client a decade earlier. I had completely forgotten about it. I called his home to see what he wanted me to do with it. His wife informed me that Mr. C. had suffered a stroke a year earlier, and was confined to a nursing home. He was in his 70's now, and was not doing very well.

In short, she didn't know anything about the "file" and suggested that I could just dispose of it.

I tossed it into the trash bin, but then thought that I should at least see what all the fuss was about. In many ways, I wish I had never opened it. It was a true "Pandora's Box", and I was shocked to read its contents. It was "file #5" of a group of 7 files called the "Gemstone" files. I don't know what the other six files contained, but this one was a literal ball-buster. It was the FULL STORY of the CIA-planned and executed contract "hit" of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, president of the United States . It was full of very complete specifics, including such things as photostats of cancelled checks, travel vouchers, orders on CIA letterhead, personnel "lists" of participants, disposition of witnesses and evidence, etc. The problem was, I recognized the names of many of the key men who participated in the assassination, as well as the massive cover-up that followed.

These were not all Jewish organized crime bosses, some were men linked to my LDS church authorities and some were nationally prominent politicians in my beloved Republican Party! The file was extremely damning towards George HW Bush, who in 1963 was the CIA head in Dallas . The obvious involvement of the FBI and Dallas PD, and their subsequent squelching of information as outlined in the file made me physically sick. There was no person in Federal Law Enforcement that I could trust with this information, that is, IF IT WAS INDEED LEGITIMATE! At first, I refused to believe it could be legitimate at all. My paradigm of perception refused to believe it could possibly be factual. However, I could not understand WHY my "client" would have such a file, and WHY would he want it sent to Beverly Hills CA, as well as a notice sent to Hank Greenspan of the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, if my client happened to "die suspiciously?" Like I said, it was a definite "pandora's box", one that I soon realized was too big for me. I kept thinking I ought to shred its contents, but I couldn't bring myself to do so.

The File Goes Home to John John.

During the summer of 1998, I was involved in actively protesting the expansion of Circle 4 Farm's gigantic hog factory farm into Iron County . My grass-roots citizen's organization CRSA (Citizens for Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture) had received a bit of national notoriety, with a number of AP wire stories circulating the nation. One such story caught the eye of a publication called George Magazine. The editor and staff contacted me and scheduled an appointment to meet and review my story.

The editor of George Magazine flew into Cedar City in his private plane to meet me, and shoot a photo spread. We spent the entire day, a Saturday, together. At the end of the day, at a local steak house, we sat down for a concluding meal.

Over salad, I had to confess to the editor that I had never even heard of, much less read a copy of George Magazine until he had called me. He reached into his briefcase and produced a copy. Looking at it, I was surprised to see that it was owned and founded by John Kennedy Jr.

I asked him about "John, and his politics." I was told that John was a real "champion of the under-dog" and that was why they were producing the story on CRSA and me.

I commented: "I believe that my image of John is like most Americans. The enduring image of little `John-John' courageously stepping forward and giving his best salute as the caisson carrying his father's body slowly rolled by. Tell me, does John accept the `official Warren Commission' account of the assassination, or does he think there was more to it? At this late date, does it even matter?"

The editor nodded and said: "Of course he doesn't accept the Warren Commission, but there is not a lot he, or anyone else can do about it! And I guarantee you, it DOES INDEED matter, at least to him. It is one of his major goals in life to find out the Truth!"

I replied: "Has he ever heard of something called the `Gemstone Files'?" With that, the air became electrified. The editor laid down his salad fork and said: "What do YOU know about the `Gemstone'?"

"Oh, it just might be that I have a copy of file # 5. Does that interest you?" I casually volunteered. "You can't be serious! Are you serious? Don't kid about something like that! Where did you get it?" he almost screamed.

The dinner was immediately over, even though our steaks were just coming in from the kitchen. We had them placed into containers to take with us. The editor had to SEE the infamous Gemstone immediately. He couldn't wait until the meal was finished.

It was late on a Saturday night in Cedar City, Utah. I handed him the file, and he offered to compensate me for it. I refused. I asked him only one thing in return; if the information proved out to be genuine, that I needed to know. I just wanted justice to be served, and the guilty parties prosecuted.

I was awakened the next morning at 5:00. John's editor explained that he had been up all night reading the file. He had called John directly, and he was told to fly it immediately back to John. John had again offered to compensate me up to $10,000 for the lead. He felt it was that good. I politely refused, and gently reminded him of my earlier request. I just wanted to know if the information was genuine. To me, that would be payment enough.

The rest of 1998 went by quickly. The national political stage was being set. It looked like George W. Bush was seeking to secure the nomination to run against Al Gore.

On the 5th of July, 1999, my home phone rang. Joan answered it and said: "True, it's for you." As I answered it, a very polite masculine voice on the other end said: "Hello, True Ott, do you have a moment to speak? This is John Kennedy calling!"

I immediately asked him to hold while I went to the privacy of my home office to take his call. After a few minutes of small talk, he told me: "Well, I understand that you want to know what I think of your file. I want you to know that I have spent over six figures in private investigators to verify its contents. I can say to you without hesitation that its contents are indeed factual. As a matter of fact, because of this file, a federal grand jury will be convening within the next few weeks. It is my opinion, as well as my attorneys, that this federal grand jury will pass down an indictment against George Herbert Walker Bush for conspiracy to commit murder against my father, and will also indict others as the evidence unfolds. If George W. thinks he can run for dogcatcher after this grand jury convenes and his father indicted, he is sorely mistaken."

I was thrilled, yet deeply saddened by John's disclosures to me. I asked him how he felt about what he was about to do. Did he understand that it would shake American politics, especially the Republican Party to its very foundation?

He replied: "Yes, I do realize the gravity of the story and my accusations, but the guilty must be brought to justice."

I pressed: "But Mr. Kennedy, how do YOU feel?"

The phone went silent for a minute or two. Then John replied: "I feel like a mighty weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For the first time in my life, I feel empowered. I feel my Father's spirit beside me on this, and finally, I can exorcise a few demons from my life." He was definitely emotional, and very close to tears. I knew that I was. I was a part of American history. I had helped a brother's search for truth.

I warned him to be careful, that such actions were potentially very dangerous. He agreed, and said that he was "taking every precaution."

Then, in a quiet voice, he asked me for my banking information. He wished to wire $50K to my account. I told him thanks, but no thanks. "Give it to charity," I said, "I don't think it right to accept money for such terrible information. I am totally satisfied knowing that the file went to the very person that needed it the very most! Above all, John, please BE CAREFUL!"

John Kennedy Jr. thanked me profusely, and said that he wished there were more people in America like True Ott. He said that some day, he would somehow return the favor. I liked that. It was good to have made a friend such as John Kennedy.

A little over two weeks later, on July 16, 1999, John Kennedy Jr., along with his wife and her sister, were killed in a plane crash en route to Hyannisport for a family wedding. My new friend was gone, and the guilty involved in BOTH murders have still not been punished. I know the truth, however. There is no doubt whatsoever, why John was killed. It was NOT an accident!

----- Original Message -----

From: John Hankey To: A True Ott PhD Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 5:12 PM Subject: Re: Dr. Steven Jones

Hey True!

I appreciate your willingness to correspond on this difficult stuff. You raised a couple of issues.

I'm not trying to do better than John. I'm not him. I'm not in the same game or the same league. I am trying to do the best I know how. Which for me at this moment is telling the most important truth the best way I know how. Which, among other things, means telling the story as clearly and as persuasively as I can. I think your part of the story is powerful, important, and fascinating. But my experience in telling it to others is that, without the file, it is not credible.

Another issue, it seems to me, is that if John died for trying to tell that story, to avenge his death I would like to give the fullest meaning to his life. That means presenting that file.

I think my video shows that it is not necessary to have the file to tell the story of the murder of JFK Sr. I think it is necessary to tell the final chapter in the death of JFK Jr., because that chapter is not credible without it.

A separate issue, altogether, is that I had no idea you had spoken to anyone from George after the plane went down. I would very very much like to know all the detail there is about that conversation: Who called who? Why? How long after the plane crash? To say "the file went down with John" seems an obvious euphemism. How could they not have multiple copies? that is, how could several investigators and an entire magazine staff be working on it without each having copies of the materials they were investigating?

I'm surprised and grateful that you contacted me at all. I'm surprised and grateful that you gave me permission to discuss the story with others. You can't be surprised that I would try as hard as I can to get all the information necessary to tell the story well.

thanks sincerely


"A. True Ott PhD" wrote:


Yes, the "original" file was/is copies of docs (bank statements, travel vouchers, cancelled checks, letters from Bush on Zapata letterheads, etc.). The mob had targeted Cuba as their gaming "mecca" - following the Bay of Pigs debacle, they moved with plan B - Las Vegas.

It was one of the George office staff who told me the file went down with John - (Don't remember if it was Richard or someone else - only they were da--ed nervous.)

Here's the kicker:

Even with "THE FILE", John Jr. couldn't get it done. What makes you think you or I could do any better??????? All my best,


----- Original Message -----

From: John Hankey To: A True Ott PhD Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 8:10 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Steven Jones

Dear True

I'm grateful that you called me at all. But it sounds like I'm better off to shut my mouth about what you've told me, since, like many true stories, it's so incredible and the other evidence is there in plain sight anyway. This new book, "Brothers," further corroborates all the CIA-trained Cubans and mafia material in JFK II. But just looking at the face across from me at the table as I'm telling the story, to finish with "oh yeah, the files not available" just rips the carpet out from under any credibility the story had. Oh well. The story stands on the other evidence.

Since you brought it up, I'm very interested to know, please, who told you the original file went down in the plane. I assumed that the "original" was just photocopies of documents in any case. Were there original documents in the file?


"A. True Ott PhD" wrote:

The original file went down with John's plane (at least that is what I was told).

The copied file sent to my D.C. attorney is simply not available - my immediate family is at risk - giving it to others would violate the "detente" agreement - columnist Jack Anderson evidently saw the file 5 or 6 years ago, and even he refused to open pandora's box. Best to let sleeping dogs lie - the truth is that the crime cartel running this country is simply too big and too powerful for the common man to fight.

I reiterate what I told you on the phone ------- You figured it out ----- the "Gemstone" file only gives complete confirmation to what you produced.


(Perhaps you should look at the Inquirer article, and see if you can track down their "sources" for corroboration.)

----- Original Message -----

From: John Hankey To: A True Ott PhD Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 8:53 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Steven Jones

Of course it's the truth, but the truth is often incredible, important truth almost always so. So, I have to find corroboration to make the story credible. I told my closest friend. He's puzzled and incredulous, like this: if the story's true, where's the file? I didn't have a good answer for that.


"A. True Ott PhD" wrote:


Trust me, I have NO REASON to make such a sordid story up. Of course it is the truth.

Jones was a tenured Mormon professor at BYU. When I talked to him two years ago to warn him of the dangers inherent in "speaking out" he assured me he was fine.

Last summer Bush, Cheney, et. al. visited Salt Lake City for the VFW convention.

Bush and Cheney meet privately for over one hour with LDS Church President Hinckley and Counselor Monson as soon as they arrived in


The PRESS is told the subject matter of the meeting was completely private (strange they didn't just make some subject up - i.e. P.R. or just polite protocol conversation).

The following week, Jones is fired from BYU and is now personna non grata among faithful Mormons.

Go figure!

As far as sharing my story - there are no limits except the truth.

Just tell it like it is.


----- Original Message -----

From: John Hankey To: A True Ott PhD Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 3:03 AM Subject: Re: Dr. Steven Jones

Hey True

You know they've separated him from BYU. The office number gives and error message. The lab phone just rings. I've sent out emails to the 2 addresses.

By the way, I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts that wandered through my mind.

1) There was never another issue of George. This makes no sense from any point of view. When one issue is on the news stands, the next 3 are well in the works. A tribute issue would have sold millions of copies. Yours is the only plausible explanation for this anomaly.

2) Richard Blow says that on the day he died, he told his staff in a meeting, "As long as I'm alive, you have a job at George magazine." That's an extraordinary statement. What could possibly have moved him to make such a commitment? Again, yours is the only plausible explanation. He set the dangers of the task before them and offered to let anyone leave who wanted to. And then was utterly committed to those who stayed.

So, I believe your story. I'd like to share it with other people. I'd like to invite you to tell me what you'd like me to not say.



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Was Bush Spy Pick on Agency Hit Team?

"Look out kid, They keep it all hid.”
Bob Dylan “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Aug 24 2004-Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

THE MAN PICKED by President George W Bush to head America’s Central Intelligence Agency is even more of an intelligence insider than has so far been revealed...

The MadCow Morning News has learned that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Republican Porter J Goss of Sanibel Island Florida is a previously undisclosed member of the secret society “Book & Snake” at Yale.

President George W Bush's nominee to head the nation's flagship intelligence agency also appears to be visible in a photograph taken in 1963 in a Mexico City nightclub of members of the CIA’s secret assassination squad known as “Operation Forty."

The twin discoveries come as news reports indicate that Democrats have decided not to make a serious issue of Goss’s appointment. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee went so far as to warn fellow Democrats Sunday against trying to block the nomination.

“Democrats should ask tough questions of Goss at Senate confirmation hearings next month, but my view is this is the wrong fight," Rep. Jane Harman, D-CA., said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Heavy on the Secret Sauce

Could the skittishness about scrutinizing Goss be due to a secret past that would have difficulty passing closer scrutiny?

No questions have yet been raised about the propriety of confirming as CIA Director someone who may have belonged to an assassination squad which was reportedly a joint collaboration between the CIA and the Mob.

But questions have already been asked about the influence of secret societies on America’s supposedly democratic institutions, especially since both major Presidential candidates belong to a secret society, too: "Skull & Bones."

Because no matter which candidate wins the Presidential election this November, it will be safe to exchange a discreet secret handshake in national security meetings in America for years to come.

The discovery was made by Kris Millegan, scholar of secret societies and editor of the recent “Fleshing Out Skull & Bones” (Trine Day 2003).

Millegan unearthed a document listing “Book & Snake’s Class of 1960 roster. On the list, which also names deceased Secretary of Defense Les Aspin, is the name “Porter Johnston Goss.’

News that America's new Top Spook is a previously-undisclosed member of a secret society who will be chatting in the Oval Office with a boss who is also a member of a secret society raises a question of undue influence...

Or, at the very least, of piling on.

If being able to sing several verses of “The Whiffenpoof Song” is a prerequisite for a top job in American national security, the Founding Fathers should have enshrined it in the Constitution.

Because if it is not, the question is: what gives?

(continued below)



More Secrets in the Secret Sauce

The notion that a young Porter Goss is visible in a photograph taken in a Mexico City nightclub on January 21 1963 was first broached to us in a letter from someone who noticed what he felt was a more than passing resemblance…

“I saw a photo of Porter Goss taken in the 1970’s after he was elected to the Sanibel City Council and he looks virtually identical to the Mexico City Operation Forty person!” the letter asserted.

We paid little heed, however, until a profile of the CIA nominee in the New York Times ran a picture of Goss taken in 1984. Even separated by two decades from the time the Mexico City picture was taken, we found the resemblance uncanny.

If Goss is in the picture, it dovetails nicely with what is known of his CIA career. But it would be a 40-year old 'mistake' come back to haunt him. Because, we learned, there weren’t supposed to have been any pictures…

According to numerous news accounts, the CIA recruited Goss during his junior year at Yale, where he completed his bachelor's degree in ancient Greek in 1960. "During his junior year, he met a CIA recruiter through his ROTC commanders,” reported the September 24, 2002 Orlando Sentinel, in a story headlined “TERRORISM FIGHT KEEPS REP. GOSS IN POLITICAL FRAY.”

“It is true I was in CIA from approximately the late 50's to approximately the early 70's,” Goss told recent antagonist Michael Moore.

"Guido, meet the General. General, meet Guido."

The Mexico City nightclub photo reveals a mixed group of apparent Cuban exiles, Italian wise guys, and square-jawed military intelligence types. It was discovered among keepsakes kept in the safe of the widow of CIA pilot and drug smuggler Barry Seal (third from left). It appears on the cover of “Barry & ‘the boys:’ The CIA, the Mob & America’s Secret History” (MadCow Press, Eugene OR. 2001).

Goss appears second on the left. He is seated between notorious CIA pilot and drug smuggler Barry Seal (third left) and the equally-notorious CIA assassin Felix Rodriguez (front left), a Cuban vice cop under the corrupt Mob-run Batista regime who later became an Iran Contra operative and a confidant of the first George Bush.

The only one of the spook celebrants displaying any hint of tradecraft (seated on the other side of the table covering his face with his sport coat) is Frank Sturgis, most famous as one of the Watergate burglars.

Beside him sits (front right) William Seymour, New Orleans representative of the Double-Chek Corporation, a CIA front used to recruit pilots (like Seal), and a man who many Kennedy assassination researchers believe impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald on several occasions when the lone nut gunman was out of the country and so unable to impersonate himself.

As we saw it, the photo was in a yellowed frame, the kind used by nightclub photographers to create instant keepsakes. Seal’s widow Debbie Seal kept it in her safe, where it was overlooked by a 7-man team from the State Department which arrived at her house in 1995 to comb through her records.

It bears the name of a nightclub in Mexico City, and is stamped January 22, 1963, which, if you’re counting, was exactly ten months to the day before the Kennedy assassination.

Barry Seal was then a young-looking 24-year old. Porter Goss was the same age.

"You don't have the negative too do you?"

The sensitive nature of this picture was confirmed to us by a person who had known and worked with Seal since 1964, an individual who had obviously been close with the Louisiana native, the basis for the hit song in the 'mid-60's by buddy Johnny Rivers, called "Secret Agent Man.”

Seal’s will had named this man executor of his estate. And his reaction to seeing the picture was instantaneous and shocked. “Where did you get that?” he demanded. “I didn’t know there were any…Where did this picture come from? ”

Seated with Seal in that nightclub in Mexico City in 1963 are men whose lives and careers comprise a large part of America’s recent secret history, we learned. Arrayed around the table were members of the CIA’s much-whispered about assassination squad, Operation Forty, first helmed by then-Vice President Richard Nixon.

Barry Seal was one of them. Perhaps so was Porter Goss.

There are many intriguing connections hinted at by Goss’s presence in the photo: at the time it was taken the CIA's covert action chief in Mexico City was David Atlee Phillips, AKA Maurice Bishop, who reportedly met with Oswald in Dallas before the assassination.

Other connections: in the well-received “Deadly Secrets,” authors Warren Hinkle and William Turner name Rafael 'Chi Chi' Quintero, Lois Posada Carriles, Felix Rodriguez and Frank Sturgis as members of Operation Forty, under the overall control of E. Howard Hunt.

Sturgis, a member of the team that broke into Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in 1972, later admitted to having been part of Operation Forty.

More famous names: Thomas Clines, the notorious Edwin Wilson and "Blond Ghost" Ted Shackley, Mr. Spook himself… all involved with Operation Forty, as was Barry Seal.

“Yeah, Barry was Op Forty,” Gerald Hemming confirmed to us. “He flew in killer teams inside the island (Cuba) before the invasion to take out Fidel.”

CIA Colonel William Bishop showed author Dick Russell a series of photographs of "Latin-looking individuals. On the backs of the pictures were the words "Special talent 1960-65, Ice pick man ... Butcher... Sniper and demo [demolition] expert ... Propaganda ... Knife man... Pilot and navigator ... Mutilator."

“Bishop said, ‘We weren't playing a nice game.’”

"It Depends on Your Definition of ‘Is’”

When nephew Chuck Giancana wrote about Mob Boss Sam Giancana’s strategic move to Mexico in early 1963, he too touched on Operation Forty. "It was to be an all-out, no-holds-barred Latin American push. Mooney (Giancana) settled into a lavish Mexico City apartment and went right to work, drawing on the expertise and mammoth resources of the recently-formed CIA team of assassins and operatives specifically trained for Latin American clandestine operations. CIA insiders jokingly dubbed the team the White Hand, an allusion to the Mafia killer progenitors the Black Hand."

“Rep. Porter J. Goss has disclosed precious few details of his CIA employment from roughly 1960 to 1971,” reported a profile in the Associated Press. Reuters called him a “mystery man,” and said he had been “close-mouthed about his past.”

“He worked in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Mexico-tumultuous countries during that decade of the Cold War,” Reuters reported.

During a 2002 interview with The Washington Post, Goss joked that he performed photo interpretation and "small-boat handling," which led to "some very interesting moments in the Florida Straits."

He acknowledged he had recruited and run foreign agents and said he would be uncomfortable traveling to Cuba but wouldn't say more.

America’s vaunted free press shows no inclination to press him on the matter. And when a citizen becomes a little too inquisitive, disinformation appears to be the order of the day: In a Metro section Q&A in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Aug 20 2004) a reader asks:

“I know both President Bush and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) were members of Skull and Bones, the secret society at Yale University, when they were students.”

“Bush's nominee for CIA director, Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL.), also is a Yale graduate. Was he, too, a member of Skull and Bones?”

“Goss, who graduated from Yale in 1960, had no affiliation with Skull and Bones, said his spokeswoman, Julie Almacy,” the paper’s editors replied.

"You're not cleared for that information."

Nothing about “Book & Snake." Not even points for a good guess. The party line rings out from everywhere... “With a prep-school education and a Greek major at Yale, Goss passed up the conventional life to be a CIA spook,” reads one typical wire service account.

Actually, the facts lean heavily towards the proposition that with “a prep school education and a Greek major at Yale,” Goss’s choice to become a CIA spook was an entirely conventional one.

In testimony before Congress on February 9, 2004, Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay noted that "closed orders and secret societies, whether they be religious or governmental, are the groups that have the hardest time reforming themselves in the face of failure without outside input."

When was the last time anyone heard a weapons inspector mention secret societies?

The appointment of Porter Goss reveals that what passes for American civic life may in reality be just an elaborate game of Inside Baseball. For example, Goss found himself paired with fellow Floridian, Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, then the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, leading the joint congressional inquiry into the attacks.

They share another unique distinction: both men were having breakfast on the morning of September 11th with a man who had reportedly wired $100,000 to Mohamed Atta, said news accounts. "When the news [of the attacks on the World Trade Center] came, the two Florida lawmakers who lead the House and Senate intelligence committees were having breakfast with the head of the Pakistani intelligence service.”

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during that negotiation.

After the CIA-backed coup against Castro collapsed at the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy fired CIA chief Allen Dulles. That same year another young Ivy League graduate entered the high-stakes espionage game being played out between the Florida Keys and the coast of Cuba...

Porter Goss, product of a patrician Connecticut upbringing, graduating from an elite preparatory school and Yale University. This is probably all just coincidence.

But then again... maybe its not.


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The pump don't work, 'Cause the Vandals took the handles


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