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Subject: DPD Dispatcher Replacement, 11/22/63

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I mentioned this sometime ago, but, since  couldn't provide my source,

my question about  her replacement was dismissed by certain members in

the group, one respondent saying she was NOT replaced that day, that the

person  in dispatch that was on his regular post.  Rummaging through

some of my JFK stuff, I found this in the L. A. Free Press special

edition co-published by Larry Flynt in 1978




    "An article in the Dallas 'Morning News' printed just hours before

the President was shot on November 22, 1963 reported that Margie Barnes,

a secretary in the  Dallas Police Department Radio Patrol Division,

would not be on the job that day. she was moved out of her crucial

position in a manner which she described as 'astonishing'.

    "According to an officer at the Dallas Police Department, her job

was of vital importance in 'coordinating the dispatch of communications

for officers in the field.'   She received emergency calls and issued

information directly to the dispatch officer in the downtown division

headquarters, located approximately one mile from Dealy Plaza. In her

key position, she was privy to all transmissions, and would have heard

all communications regarding the murder of J. D. Tippet.

    "On the day before the assassination she received  and unsolicited,

and unexpected, engraved invitation to the President's luncheon at the

Dallas Trade Mart.  Miss Barnes, who said she had planned to watch the

President's motorcade from the window of the Dallas Police Building,

told the press that the invitation was placed on her desk by police Sgt.

R. E. Dugger, and evidently had come in the mail. Just how the mail

arrived in the morning before she came to work, and not at the normal

time, was not explained in the story.

    "Unlike today's computerized operation, where  dispatches are

handled by  a clerk and sent automatically to the location in whichever

substation is nearest the call, on November 22, 1963 Miss Barnes would

have been one of the few people in headquarters at the center of police

communications, and therefore involved  in the handling of dispatches

dealing with critical operations in the pursuit of killers of President

Kennedy and Officer Tippit.

    "Miss Barnes, who was never questioned by the Warren Commission,

counsel for the Commission, the FBI or other authorities, was in her

seat at table 356 at the Trade Mart luncheon when the President was

shot.  No mention of Margie Barnes is made in the Warren Report or its

26 volumes of evidence and testimony, nor of how her job was handled

that day."


Was her replacement something unusual? What's known about Dugger? Does

anyone have the original Dallas "Morning News" article?



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