Apparently a lot of people do NOT know the difference between the Warren Report & the 26 Volumes.

The Warren Commission Report is one book consisting of 88 pages               (GPO Edition)  (ONLY Originals are Unabridged.)

That one book contains two issues only.

1. The charges against Oswald.

2. The "Conclusions" of the Warren Commission.

Those conclusions are supposedly based on the evidence/testimony contained in the 26 volumes.

Since I entered this Forum, I offered whatever evidence/testimony required to support my claims of conspiracy/cover-up.

I was quickly engaged in debate by WCR Supporters.

After I defeated them with their own evidence/testimony, they started making Personal attacks against me.    I Always asked if they were SURE they wanted to trade insults with me?

Some were Stupid enough to say YES.

I proceeded to Defeat them with Insults.  Always including a question on evidence/testimony (stick to the subject at hand)

This page is to illustrate what these WCR
Supporters have Evolved Into.

Rather than Admit to a handful of Corrupt officials who>>>                     

Withheld evidence                                                                                        

Altered evidence

Destroyed evidence


Suborned Perjury from a witness

Intimidated witnesses

SEE some of their Character Flaws on the buttons below

               All in their own words.                           










John McAdams

Prof Ken Rahn

Grizzlie Antagonist

David Von Pain (in the ass)

Steve L



In order to support the WCR LIES, they had to Defame ALL of those below.

Dallas PD

Dallas FBI

Dallas Secret Service

Washington FBI

Washington Secret Service


Secret Service

Dallas Parkland Hospital Doctors

Dallas Parkland Hospital medical Personel

Dallas TV Media

Dallas Radio Media

Dallas TV Media

MOST of the Witnesses

ALL of the Bethesda Medical staff  (Believing instead Dr's Humes and Boswell who never performed an autopsy in their careers)

WCR supporters claim that ALL of thee people were "Mistaken".

I say hey were "Mistaken" in their proclomation that Oswald was guilty.

I can be reached for Questions, Comments, Files Transfers or, Clarifications at the following e-mail address. 


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