That's the difference between Winners/Losers.

A Loser wants to address ONLY those who already Agree with him.
(because his position is NOT defensible)

A Winner addresses his ADVERSARIES to discuss evidence/testimony.
(because his position IS defensible)

For the past twelve years I have offered WCR Supporters a Forum to prove the WCR is correct.

The ONLY ones who have come into the room are those who employ the Foulest of language.

I have a Live Audio Chat Room on

Download & Use for FREE.

Once Logged on select Rooms, Social Issues & Politics.

Then select Government & Politics.

Scroll down to room called "WHIO KILLED JFK?"

I start between 8-9 pm e.s.t. EVERY NITE.

We can transfer files to one another Instantly.

ANY Exhibits of Evidence, ANY Testimony from WC/Church Committee/HSCA Volumes.


I can be reached for Questions, Comments, Files Transfers or, Clarifications at the following e-mail address. 



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