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"We KNOW that there were warnings that the President would be killed."

There were a number of warnings. One of them came from neo-Nazi Joseph
Milteer of the KKK. A tape exists in which he can be heard stating that
Kennedy will be shot "from an office building, with a high- powered rifle"
and that a patsy will be used to divert attention away from the real

The FBI maintains that Milteer was in Quitman at the time of the
assassination, but a police informant states that Milteer, who he was
known to be in contact with, contacted him from Dallas the morning of the
assassination and expressed foreknowledge of the assassination. The
Garrison investigation found out about this police informant and
interviewed him -- he stated that Milteer had told him that both Jack Ruby
and J.D. Tippet were shooters.

Some argue that Milteer was not in a position to be connected to any
proposed conspiracy -- however, he was a member of the KKK, John Birch
Society, and White Citizens Council.

There are many who will argue that the KKK was involved in the
assassination, and many who will observe that the KKK was a "subsidiary"
of Freemasonry, which has countless connections to the assassination.

It can be observed that the Dallas local government and police department
were saturated with members of the John Birch Society and KKK. The John
Birch Society has close ties to the Nazis, and the KKK has always been
linked to the neo-Nazi movement. The White Citizens Council has similarly
been linked to the neo-Nazi movement and it's causes, and it was also
implicated in the assassination -- a man was given a taxi ride by a member
of the White Citizens Council who told him that Kennedy was going to be

All of these organizations link in with the Nazis. Allen Dulles had
executed Operation Paperclip and brought hundreds of Nazis into the US.
They were then "merged" with the military/intelligence/defense- contractor
establishment. Many of them joined Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's former
intelligence chief and a rabid fascist/Nazi/racist, in West Germany, who
became the head of the "Gehlen Organization", an anti-communist
intelligence organization comprised of the Nazi remnants. Reinhard Gehlen
was a war criminal, but he was disguised in a US uniform and smuggled into
the US after WWII by the CIA. His operation was then heavily
financed/supported by the CIA under Allen Dulles -- Dulles and his brother
were closely tied to the Nazis in many ways.

Now, the Gehlen Organization has always been a little-discussed suspect.
So Milteer's links to hardline conservatives and neo-Nazis could have been
the reason for his foreknowledge. He heard whisperings.

Milteer died after receiving burn wounds from a heater explosion in 1974.
This is despite the fact that Milteer's wounds were treated and healing.

"We KNOW that Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot the President."

Yep -- and the US-Intelligence/Nazi community was in a perfect
position to set up the patsy. Who controlled them? The Papacy.


Lee Harvey Oswald received intelligence training at Atsugi AFB in Atsugi,
Japan. It is at this base that there was a training school for Reinhard
Gehlen's spies, who were going to infiltrate the Soviet Union. Oswald
spoke German to a fellow Marine, Nelson Delgado. This, as well as the fact
that Oswald later developed a wide range of Nazi connections, suggests
that he was recruited/trained by the Gehlen Organization. Gehlen was
Hitler's intelligence chief on the Russian front and a rabid Nazi/Fascist.
A war criminal, he was one of the heads of the hundreds of Nazis that were
brought into the US to form the core of the military/intelligence/defense
community, as part of "Operation Paperclip".

Oswald and his wife befriended no less than three dozen members of the
white Russian community in Dallas. Many of these Russians were closely
tied to the Nazis, and their best friend, pro-Nazi George de
Mohrenschildt, had been exposed by the FBI and the British as a Nazi spy,
whose cousin, Baron Maydell was a high-ranking Nazi agent, and whose
father managed the interests of Nobel Oil Firm, which was legally
represented by former Mussolini adviser John J. McCloy (Warren Commission
member), who had very close Nazi/Fascist ties and sympathies. de
Mohrenschildt had worked for Pantepec Oil, owned by the family of William
Buckley, accused of being a crypto-Nazi.

Oswald was supervised in New Orleans by W. Guy Banister, who was the head
of the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, a major part of the World
Anti-Communist League (WACL), which was set up by Charles Willoughby, a
fascist/pro-Nazi Major-General in the US Military who received the Order
of Saints Maurizio and Lazzaro from the Mussolini regime and was an avid
supporter of fascist Spanish leader Francisco Franco.

The Oswalds befriended the Paines -- Ruth and Michael, who were involved
in domestic surveillance activities. Michael Paine worked for Bell
Helicopter, directly under Walter Dornberger, the Nazi war criminal and
rocket scientist who was raring for another war, another chance to bring
back fascism - he was supposed to be hung at Nuremberg, but was taken
under the wing of Dulles' Paperclip operation, which put him in the
Military-Industrial Complex (Bell Helicopter). Michael Paine's cousins
were former executives of United Fruit, which included American Nazi
assets like Allen Dulles and John McCloy. Ruth Paine's mother was a
lifelong friend of Mary Bancroft, a lover of Allen Dulles, who, along with
his brother, had intimate links to the Nazis before, during, and after the
second world war.

The man Oswald sat beside on the bus was Albert Osborne (alias John Howard
Bowen), who lied to authorities about the incident and who was running a
special school for marksmen in Oaxaca, Mexico since 1934. FBI records from
1942 show that Osborne was a neo-Nazi who ran a neo- Nazi youth group
called the "Campfire Council" in the US during the war.

Oswald was "handled" by Clay Shaw, who was a close friend of Hjalmar
Schacht, Nazi finance minister. He was involved in Centro Mondiale
Commerciale (CMC) and Permindex. Both companies were saturated with people
who had CIA/fascist links. He had links to rabid conservatives in New
Orleans. During WWII, Shaw served as an aide to General Charles Thrasher,
and met with top Nazi war criminals (Such as Walter Dornberger and Werner
von Braun), who were going to be brought into the US and "merged" into
it's establishment. Shaw introduced Allen Dulles' right-hand man, Charles
Cabell, at a New Orleans speaking engagement he had in 1961.

Oswald's address book contained the names of Gen. Edwin Walker (Closely
tied to Nazis) and George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi


Oswald's cousin, Marilyn Murret, was certainly a CIA operative. His
half-brother, John Pic, was involved in covert Defense Department bio-
warfare/radiation programs.

Oswald was stationed at Atsugi AFB prior to his "discharge"/"defection",
and was trained in radar-surveillance by an officer who had graduated from
Georgetown School of Foreign Service, a Jesuit school with close CIA ties.
There is evidence that he received intelligence training by the CIA &
Military-Intelligence, and that his activities in Russia were an
intelligence mission. Oswald's mother said that her son was "an agent of
the US government".

Oswald worked for the FBI as a paid informant/operative and his employee
number was S-172. He was paid $200 a month for his FBI work, and was
"handled" by Warren de Brueys of the FBI, whose name is found in his
notebook and who was seen in his company in New Orleans.

Oswald worked for US Customs, and his handler there was David Smith, who
was involved with CIA operations. Orestes Pena frequently saw him with US
Customs agents.

Oswald was a close associate of Juan Valdes, a US Customs house broker
whose neighbor, Owen Hawes, did covert work for NASA. Valdes did work for
CIA front companies, one of which ("All Transport, Inc.") was located in
the International Trade Mart (a CIA front that Clay Shaw directed).

Oswald's Civil-Air-Patrol captain and New Orleans friend, David Ferrie,
who may have gotten him into the Marines, was a CIA asset and told friends
that he took orders from US Military-Intelligence. Ferrie did work as a
police informant. E. Carl McNabb, a CIA contract pilot, had gone to the
School of Americas (CIA/RFK project to train the Latin American military)
with Ferrie. McNabb was stopped, but Ferrie was able to go right in.
McNabb was surprised that Ferrie's security clearance was so high -- "I
didn't know yours was so low!" Ferrie had many CIA-assets/operatives among
his friends.

Oswald's supervisor, Guy Banister, served in the Office of Naval
Intelligence (ONI), one of the oldest/largest and most powerful
intelligence agencies. He worked as a CIA asset in New Orleans, with
intimate connections to the CIA's Anti-Castro Cubans operation. He was a
former chief of the FBI. His "Detective's Office", which Oswald was
"supervised/handled" out of, was across the street from the New Orleans
Naval Intelligence offices and close to both the New Orleans FBI office
and New Orleans CIA office, as well as the New Orleans Secret Service

Oswald's associate/handler, Clay Shaw, who he was seen with many times,
was a "former" CIA informant and the managing director of a CIA front
company in New Orleans (International Trade Mart), as well as being
involved in two obvious foreign CIA fronts (Permindex and CMC) with
intimate fascist connections. Shaw was certainly a CIA man, and is rumored
to have served in the OSS. Shaw introduced Charles Cabell, the Deputy
Director of the CIA, in 1961 at a speaking event in New Orleans. Shaw was
on friendly terms with Hunter Leake, assistant to the chief of the New
Orleans CIA office.

Oswald's best friend in Dallas, Nazi intelligence agent George de
Mohrenschildt, furnished reports to the CIA during the Bay of Pigs
invasion and was in contact with a CIA operative in Dallas named J. Walton
Moore, as well as the Chief of Staff for Army Intelligence.

The Oswalds befriended the Paines in Dallas, and the Paines were
conducting domestic surveillance on dissidents/subversives. Ruth Paine's
father and brother-in-law worked for US AID, and her father was considered
for CIA work in Vietnam. Her mother was a lifelong friend of CIA
chief/Spook king Allen Dulles' lover. Her sister was a CIA operative.
Michael Paine's father had founded Bell Helicopter, which he worked for --
Bell Helicopter was a major contractor of the Defense Department. He is
alleged to be an operative of the Defense Industrial Security Command
(DISC), the "secret police" of the military-industrial complex.

Oswald was in contact with the CIA-backed DRE and staged a "confrontation"
with them on the street, then did a public radio debate with them,
moderated by CIA asset Bill Stuckley. The tape of the debate and the
incident itself were used as "proof" of Oswald's Communist beliefs.


Oswald's cousin, Eugene Murret, was a Jesuit novice. Murret invited Oswald
to speak about Russia at the Jesuit House of Studies in Alabama. He
addressed the Jesuits there in the summer of 1963.

Oswald's CAP captain and friend David Ferrie was a defrocked Catholic
priest who had been trained by the Jesuits at a New Orleans Jesuit private
school. Many people linked to Jesuit universities or Vatican organizations
were among his friends.

Oswald's friend/associate/handler Clay Shaw was a member of the Sovereign
Military Order of Malta (SMOM), an elite Roman Catholic organization that
has been called "the Pope's militia".

Oswald was involved in anti-Soviet espionage for the CIA, work that would
have been overseen by the CIA counter-intelligence chief, James Angleton,
or the head of the Gehlen Organization, Reinhard Gehlen. Both men were
members of SMOM, and Gehlen had received an award from the Roman Catholic


So yes, Oswald was set up. The people who were in the position to do that?
The covert, Nazi "shadow government" and the Vatican, controlling it.

"We KNOW that Oswald and Jack Ruby were associates."

Yes, and both men did covert work for the FBI. Both men's FBI activities
were clearly under the FBI's counter-intelligence/dirty- tricks section
(Division 5). The FBI/Divison-5 was ultimately under J. Edgar Hoover
(SMOM), who had intimate links to the Nazis.

Ruby, in addition to working for FBI counter-intelligence, was an
associate of Clay Shaw, who was involved in two fascist-riddled, related
companies, and who was a close friend of the former Nazi finance minister.
Ruby knew Ferrie, the CIA/Military-Intelligence asset.Ruby also had links
to CIA/Mossad activities and to the super- powerful Bronfman family. His
lawyer, Melvin Belli, was also the lawyer for the widow of Hermann Goering
(One of the top Nazi officials) and Errol Flynn (the actor who
collaborated with the Nazi Gestapo).

Before dying of a mysterious cancer (which he said had been induced), Ruby
implied that Nazis were involved in the JFK assassination.

"We KNOW that the President was shot twice from the front."

According to a book written by Mikhail Lebedev ("Treason -- For My Daily
Bread"), the final shot was fired by a Nazi agent, working on the behalf
of Martin Bormann.

E. Howard Hunt, CIA assassin, was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot. Hunt
was a close friend of two high-level members of the Sovereign Military
Order of Malta (SMOM). He used the alias "Knight" -- interesting, since
members of SMOM call themselves and each other "Knights" and "Dames".

Also, the previously-mentioned Joseph Milteer told a police informant that
Ruby and Tippit were the shooters. According to that police informant,
Milteer was in Dallas at the time of the assassination and one photograph
contains a man who looks very much like him, and was identified by Adams
(Who met him) as him.

"We KNOW that there was no single =93pristine=94 bullet that hit both the
President and Texas Gov. John Connally."

Suspects for the planting of the "Stretcher Bullet": -Jack Ruby (FBI
Division 5, Organized crime, Met Shaw/Oswald/Cabell/ Tippit) -Roy
Kellerman (Secret Service)

"We KNOW that a number of shots were fired from various positions around
the Texas Book Depository."

"In and Around" the TSBD was a key point for snipers. Perhaps, then, we
should examine D.H. Byrd, who owned the TSBD. Read about his connections:


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