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Marina's 09/96 Statement

Marina Oswald Porter's
04/96 Letter to the ARRB

Assassination Records Review Board Hearing in 

Los Angeles



 - September 17, 1996 --- The 

Assassination Records Review Board was given 17 

boxes of never-before-seen documents belonging

to the late J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel for 



 Commission, by his son this week.

Testifying before the ARRB in a Public Hearing


Los Angeles

, James Rankin, the son of J. Lee

Rankin, said his family found the boxes about 

six months ago.

These documents and other materials were offered

to the ARRB, a federal commission established 

to collect documents on the JFK assassination.

The ARRB also made public a request from 


Oswald Porter, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, asking

the board to investigate his involvement with 

the FBI. (Reprinted below.)

"I definitely think that Lee Oswald did not kill 

President Kennedy," she wrote. "I think he was 

given up to pacify people as a patsy...I believe

that the documents I have requested will be 


Also testifying this week were:

- David Belin, former Assistant Counsel to the 




- James DiEugenio, author of DESTINY BETRAYED: 




- Eric Hamburg, co-Producer of the Oliver Stone 

  film, NIXON, and a Congressional staff assistant

  involved in the passage of the President John 

  F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

  Act of 1992;

- Wesley Liebeler, former Assistant Counsel to 




- David Lifton, author of BEST EVIDENCE: DISGUISE 



- Robert Tanenbaum, former Deputy Counsel for the 

  House Select Committee on Assassinations and 

  author of CORRUPTION OF BLOOD; and 

- Steven Tilley, who oversees the JFK Collection 

  at the National Archives.

ARRB Board Chair John Tunheim and Board Members 

William L. Joyce, Dr. Anna K. Nelson, and Kermit 

L. Hall were present (Board Member Henry Graff 

was unable to attend), as were ARRB Executive 

Director David G. Marwell, Press & Public Affairs 

Officer Tom Samoluk, Press & Public Affairs 

Assistant Eileen Sullivan, and Administration 

Officer Tracy Shycoff.  - Clint Bradford



Marina Oswald Porter's 04/96 Letter to the ARRB


April 19, 1996

Mr. John Tunheim, Chairman

JFK Assassination Records Review Board

600 E Street N.W., Second Floor


(Certified Mail No. P 271 942 632)

Dear Mr. Tunheim:

I am writing to you regarding the release of still 

classified documents related to the assassination 

of President Kennedy and to my former husband, 

Lee Harvey Oswald.

Specifically, I am writing to ask about documents 

I have learned of from a recent book and from a 

story in the 


 Post by the authors of the

same book (as well as other documents they have

described to me).  The book reviews 



FBI, and CIA files released since 1992, and 

places them in the context of previously known 

information.  I would like to know what the Review

Board is doing to obtain the following:

1. The 


 field office and headquarters FBI 

reports on the arrests of Donnell D. Whitter and

 R. Miller in 


 on November 18, 1963

with a carload of stolen 


 army weapons.  I  

believe that Lee Oswald was the FBI informant who

made these arrests possible.  I would also like 

to know what your board has done to obtain the 

reports of the U.S. Marshal and the 


 Army on 

the same arrests, and the burglary these men were

suspected of.

2. The records of the FBI interrogations of John 

Franklin Elrod, John Forrester Gedney and Harold

Doyle (the latter men were previously known as 

two of the "three tramps") in the 



November 22-24, 1963.  All of these men have 

stated that they were interrogated during that

time by the FBI.

3. The official explanation of why the arrest 

records for Mr. Elrod, Mr. Gedney and Mr. Doyle,

as well as for Daniel Wayne Douglas and Gus

Abrams were placed "under federal seal" in the 


 Police Records Division for 26 years as 

described by 


 Archives supervisor

Laura McGhee to the FBI in 1992.

4. The FULL records of the interrogation of Lee 

Harvey Oswald, including his interrogation in 

the presence of John Franklin Elrod as described

by Elrod in an FBI report dated August 11, 1964.

5. The reports of army intelligence agent Ed J.

Coyle on his investigation of Captain George 

Nonte, John Thomas Masen, Donnell D. Whitter, 


 R. Miller, and/or Jack Ruby.  I am also 

requesting that you obtain agent Coyle's reports

as army liason for presidential protection on 

November 22, 1963 (as described by Coyle's 

commanding officer Col. Robert Jones in sworn 

testimony to the House Select Committee on 

Assassinations).  If the army does not 

immediately produce these documents, they 

should be required to produce agent Coyle to

explain what happened to his reports.

6. Secret Service reports and tapes of that 

agency's investigation of Father Walter 

Machann and Silvia Odio in 1963-64.

7. Reports of the FBI investigation of Cuban 

exiles in 


, to include known but still 

classified documents on Fermin de Goicochea

Sanchez, Father Walter Machann and the Dallas 

Diocese Catholic Cuban Relocation Committee.

These would include informant files for Father

Machann and/or reports of interviews of Father

Machann by 


 FBI agent W. Heitman.

8. The full particulars and original of the 

teletype received by Mr. William Walter in the

New Orleans

 FBI office on the  morning of

November 17, 1963, warning of a possible 

assassination attempt on President Kennedy in


.  I now believe that my former husband

met with the 


 FBI on November 16, 1963, 

and provided informant information on which 

this teletype was based.

9. A full report of Lee Harvey Oswald's visit 

to the 


 FBI office on November 16, 1963.

10. A full account of FBI agent James P. 

Hosty's claim (in his recent book, ASSIGNMENT:

OSWALD) that Lee Harvey Oswald knew of a planned

"paramilitary invasion of 


" by "a group of 

right wing Cuban exiles in outlying areas of New


."  We now know that such an invasion

was indeed planned by a Cuban group operating on 

CIA payroll in Miami, New Orleans, and Dallas--

the same group infiltrated by Lee Oswald.  We

know this information ONLY from documents 

released since 1992, as described in the book I

have mentioned.  On what basis did agent Hosty

believe Lee "had learned" of these plans, unless 

Lee himself told him this?  I am therefore 

specifically requesting the release of the 

informant report that Lee Oswald provided to 

agent Hosty and/or other FBI personnel on this 

intelligence information.

The time for the Review Board to obtain and 

release the most important documents related to 

the assassination of President Kennedy is running

out.  At the time of the assassination of this 

great president whom I loved, I was misled by 

the "evidence" presented to me by government

authorities and I assisted in the conviction of 

Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin.  From the new

information now available, I am now convinced 

that he was an FBI informant and believe that he 

did not kill President Kennedy.  It is time for 

Americans to know their full history.  On this 

day when I and all Americans are grieving for the

victims of 

Oklahoma City

, I am also thinking of my 

children and grandchildren, and of all American 

children, when I insist that your board give the 

highest priority to the release of the documents 

I have listed.  This is the duty you were charged 

with by law.  Anything else is unacceptable -- 

not just to me, but to all patriotic Americans.

Please be advised that this is an open letter, 

and I intend to make it available to anyone who

wishes to see it.  The time for secrecy in 

government is over.  I ask that you respond to 

me in writing within two weeks, and will take 

no further action until then.

Thank you for your attention to my requests.


Marina Porter (signed)

cc: Rep. John Conyers Jr.

    Rep. Newt Gingrich

    Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez

    Rep. Lee H. Hamilton

    Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy

    Sen. William S. Cohen

    Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

    Sen. Bob Kerrey

    Sen. John Kerry

    Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    Sen. Arlen Specter