Bendsie said this to me:

“Sad to say, Robsie, but I value the truth over agreement.” (Bendsie

Really? AND he said this:

“Tis true. You never made them. But also true, each statement is
(Walt’s claims).” (Bendsie Holmes)

I will list these claims for you at the end of this post, please
for yourself IF they are all the truth as Bendsie claims! I tried
tried to get him to tell me IF he believed all of, or some of, Walt's
claims, but he always dodged it. NO WONDER as I found some gems

Walt has always said Truly did a roll call after the assassination
that LHO was the ONLY one missing when the WC even said differently!
He said this years ago:

“A **roll cal**l of the TSBD employees was conducted and several men
were missing...
The cops would definitely have asked the other employees if they knew
the missing men were.” (Walt – 8/17/1999)

He was QUICKLY corrected by Martin Shackelford, NOT Mr. "I'm here for
the truth" Holmes. Martin said this:

There was no roll call.
Various groups of employees were questioned, and their names
taken down, but there was no group gathering.
When Capt. Fritz later referred to this questioning, Lt. Gerry
Hill misinterpreted it as a "roll call," and referred to it in those
terms--and it passed into myth.” (Martin Shackleford)

This was 1999 and Walt has claimed to have started studying this case
in the late 1960s and he still CLAIMED NOT TO KNOW THIS????? He
repsonded with this:

“Thanks Martin....**I never knew this** and had always accepted the
myth....." (Walt)

How could someone studying the case around 30 years, at that point,
NOT know this simple point? So this corrected the problem, right?
NO!!! He would say this to me last year:

“Actually he wasn't "vouched for" in the TSBD..... Sure Truly said
"he's an employee"..."he belongs here". But only an hour later he
singled out Oswald as the **only employee missing**.... “ (Walt)

He is back up to his old tricks again!!! I wrote this to clear the
issue up since Bendsie was NOwhere to be found:

"Capt. W.P. Gannaway said LHO's descritption was broadcasted because
he was the ONLY one missing from a "roll call" of TSBD employees
shortly after the assassination. Gannaway said "he was the ONLY one
who didn't show up and couldn't be accounted for. (Dallas Morning

Whether he got this information from Truly or not is up in the air,
but more importantly is the accuracy of it. First off, there was NO
SUCH roll call (WCR, p. 156; VII, p. 382), and
secondly, LHO was far from the only person missing from the TSBD
the assassination (the time they claimed to have taken the roll

This was looked into and they found the following:

1) 75 employees worked in the building on 11/22/63 (based on the
given to them by Truly). (XXII, pp.632-86)
2) 48 were OUTSIDE at 12:30 PM. (Ibid)
3) 5 did NOT report for work that day.(Ibid, pp. 632 & 676)
4) Many of the remaining employees in the building left after the
shots had been fired and ceased. (Ibid, pp. 632, 645, 655-656, 665)
Add in the fact many were NOT allowed back in to the TSBD after the
assassination you have a slew of people "missing" by the time the
police began searching the building. LHO wasn't even the only one
missing among the ones who worked on the sixth floor that day as it
was said that LHO was NOT "the only one who didn't show up and
COULDN'T be accounted for." (VI, p. 321)
All of this was discussed in Mark Lane's "Rush To Judgement", how
could you have missed it for 40 years????
Anyone who claims LHO was the "only one missing" is a liar.

Where was Bendsie??? Mr. "I'm here for the truth" and I prefer that
over agreement?? Perhaps he AGREED with Walt?? Maybe, but he wrote
this about this very topic years ago:

28) Oswald's friend Buell Frazier testifies Oswald only one not
present at TSBD role-call. (Ed Cage)

“And you *know* that this is not a fact, don't you? So why do you
bring it up?

Why not tell lurkers that not only were other people missing, that
put out an 'APB' on one of them. (who was *NOT* Oswald!)

Isn't it rather dishonest to mislead people by not telling the full
story?” (Bendsie Holmes)

First of all, isn't it funny for Bendsie to be lecturing others about
"not telling the whole story"? I mean he EDITS more than anyone on
here besides his "alter ego" DVP!

Secondly, we see Bendsie knew this claim of Walt's was full of crap
but he DID NOT SPEAK UP, only when someone else says this does he say
anything. Hmmm.

I wonder what kind of "bond" these two have going on?