Marina provided the proof that Oswald never practiced with a rifle. In
her Dec 3 1963 statement to the FBI:

"Marina said she had never seen OSWALD practice with his rifle or any
other firearm and he had never told her that he was going to
practice." (22H763)

She followed this up the next day:

"The reporting agent interviewed Marina Oswald as to whether she knew
of any place or of a rifle range where her husband could do some
practicing with a rifle, and whether she ever saw her husband taking
the rifle out of the house. She said that she never saw Lee going out
or coming in to the house with a rifle and that he never mentioned to
her doing any practice with a rifle." (23H393)

And then again 6 days later:

"Marina Oswald was asked if she ever saw her husband doing any dry
practice with the rifle either in their apartments or any place else,
and she replied in the negative." (23H402)

And so on.

Anybody feel like they might be getting closer to the truth now? No?
Really? I guess quoting a proven liar is not the best way to settle
the dust, is it?