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The reality? This small, uncredited article from the Dallas Morning
News of Saturday, November 23, 1963, section 1, page 15:


Officials Recall Sniper Shooting At Walker Home

Police Friday were not overlooking a possibility that President
Kennedy's assassin may have been the mystery sniper who shot at Maj.
A. Walker last April 10.

A rifle bullet was fired into the study of Walker's North Dallas home
at 4011 Turtle Creek by a sniper who used a backyard fence to steady
his aim. The bullet slammed into a wall barely an inch from the former
general's head.

Police determined that the bullet was fired from a 30.06 rifle.

The sniper attack occurred two nights after Walker had returned from
from a coast-to-coast anti-Communist crusade which he called *Midnight


Here's the front page of the DMN on 11/23/63

Here's the folio of that page.


Here's page 15. (save to your desktop & enlarge if you can't read it)


NOT a word of Oswald shooting at Walker.

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