Starting on page 865 of his book Bugliosi discusses the FAKE Secret Service Agents behind the fence and behind the TSBD.

Bugliosi WRONGLY "Assumes" the witnesses were all "Mistaken".

Page 1 of Bugliosi's "Source Notes" lists the Dallas Police Department as one of his Sources in his Research.

The following exhibits come from the Dallas Police Department website.


There were Several Dallas Police officers who Encountered Fake
secret Service Agents behind the fence.

ALL of whom knew what Secret Service Agents Lapel Pins looked like that day.

Especially Forrest Sorrels (Head of the Dallas Secret Service) who encountered a                                                                                                                                                Secret Service Agent behind the TSBD.

Bugloisi wants us to believe that Sorrels would NOT be able to Recognize a S S Lapel Pin?                                                                                                                                     HELL, Bugliosi don't even Mention the Lapel Pins of the Secret Service.


 Bugliosi states that the victim of a Seizure was ID'd early on.

















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