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Lunch period for TSBD - 12 noon until 12:45 (3:214; 22:162; 24:872;

11:50 a.m. Billy Lovelady - went downstairs on elevator to get washed up
for lunch. (6:337) Ditto Shelley: (6:328)

11:55 a.m.Givens testified he saw Oswald on 6th floor.

Eddie Piper, mail clerk, testified he saw Oswald on 1st floor at "around
12:00" (6:383)

11:55 a.m: Danny Arce says that he, Bonnie Ray Williams, and Billy
Lovelady 'race down' on the east non-automatic elevator. Arce thinks
Oswald on 5th floor.(6:364)

12:15 a.m Mrs Carolyn Arnold tells FBI on 11/26 that Oswald was in hallway
between front door and double doors a few minutes before 12:15 (CD 5:41)

And so it goes -


"GMcNally" <jerry98@my-deja.com> wrote in message
> The WC concluded that Oswald was seen by nobody in the TSBD between
> the time he was last seen by Givens on the 6th floor and the time he
> was seen by Baker after the assassination.
> CT strives hard to twist the statements of witnesses to make it appear
> otherwise. However, here's an accurate sequence of events:
> 1. Shelley leaves the 6th floor - breaks for lunch before the
> floorlaying crew & sees Oswald on the first floor. Piper also saw him
> there.
> 2. Oswald returned to the 6th floor and is seen by the work crew there
> before they leave for their lunch break sometime before noon.
> 3. They call to Oswald to come down with them; he declines & stays on
> an
> upper floor of the TSBD.
> 4. Givens returns to the 6th floor and finds Oswald there alone.
> 5. A gunman fitting Oswald's desc is seen firing a rifle from the 6th
> floor of the TSBD.
> 6. Oswald is encountered by Baker and Truly in the lunchroom.
> 7. Oswald leaves the TSBD and walks several blocks away from the DP,
> heading east.
> 8. The DPD searches the TSBD and find Oswald's rifles, three spent
> cartridge cases fired from that rifle and a pile of boxes erected to
> support the rifle and provide a seat for the shooter. Oswald's prints
> are on these boxes.
> It's very clear that Oswald stayed behind on the 6th floor and
> arranged testbook boxes and used them as a seat and rifle rest to kill
> Kennedy.
> Jerry

the boxex around the 6th floor window were placed there by the floor-laying crew


see testimony of charles givens

at>>>   http://www.whokilledjfk.net/charles__givens_t.htm