some slides

I just came across a box of slides

In the old days we used to show slides to the pubick.

Slides from the WCR

lides from th HSCA Volumes.

Slides of pages from the 26 volumes.

Slides from the WC Exeutive Sessions.

Slides from the HSCA EXecutive Sessions.

Slides from several different books.

Slides from many different publications.

Below are some of those slides. if you find any of these slides too small to read, just save to your desktop and, enlarge them.

Above is my Good Friend Butch Grasso who did the Slide work for the Connecticut Citizens Commission of Inquiry in 1975. Groups all over the Country set up by Mark Lane. Our Connecticut Group was headed up by George Michael Evica. Butch had  very steady hands using a 35mm camera without a tripod.he photographed many pages of the 26 volumes among many other books & magazines.

Here's a couple of Beauties>>>







































































































































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