Thanks for that David, and for supplying the supporting documents and
records that indicate that what I say in #1 of my list, that there is
no witness, document, records or evidence that Oswald obtained the
rifle from the PO box 2915. He just shows up with it in the photo, and
everything that goes from Point A - Klines, to B. the PO Box 2915 to
C. Oswald, is congecture on the part of anyone.

More Unanswered Questions
If Oswald Did It

Things Oswald Must Have Done If He Was The Assassin
For Which There Is No Evidence, Record or Witness.

1) Obtain the rifle/pistol from the Post Office, where they were
mailed to someone not entitled to receive mail at the box – A.J.
Hidell, and someone must have handed him the package(s) over the
counter and created some receipt. No witness, no receipt, no evidence
Oswald did this.

But according to DVP he must have because he is seen in the backyard
photo with the guns, therefore he must have got them.

That is despite the fact that he was at work at Jaggers/Chiles/Stoval
on the day and the time he reportedly mailed and had postmarked the
money order for the rifle - March 12, and they day it was picked up -
March 25, both Tuesday workdays.

Unlike his job at the TSBD, where they didn't have a Time Card to
punch in, J/C/S was pretty serious about keeping track of what they're
employees were doing and for whom.

Also please note that on the morning that Oswald was supposed to have
mailed the money order for the rifle, he worked on a job for Sam
Bloom, the same guy who helped John Connally and the Secret Service
choose the Trade Mart over the Women's building and thus have the
motorcade drive by the TSBD. And you know, one of the six guys who
worked on the floor laying crew had previously worked as a Post Office
clerk. Maybe he's the one who handed the rifle over the counter to
Oswald/Hidell when he was supposed to working at J/C/S.?


March 25. When did Oswald pick up the rifle and pistol again?


Usually it is Conspiracy Theorists who accuse witnesses like Harry
Holmes, who also delayed Oswald leaving the DPD long enough for Ruby
to get into position to kill him. Holmes knew the PO regulation was to
maintain such records for two years, and he keeps saying "They" did
this and "They" did that. Who's "They." And what happened to the
person who handed the rifle over the counter to Oswald/Hidell? They
don't have Post Officer records who tell them who was working at that
PO that day?

Here, instead of J/C/S detailed records in Oswald's handwriting show
he was working that day, we are advised by the author of the
Chronology not to trust the Time Sheets of J/C/S becuase Oswald "lied"
on them. But they didn't ask Stovall if he allowed his employees to
leave the premesis and run around Dallas mailing money orders and
picking up weapons at the Post Office.

Chronology of Oswald in 1962-3 IN THE UNITED STATES


12 March 1963 (Tuesday)

Using a coupon clipped from the February issue of American Rifleman
magazine, Lee went to the main post office and ordered a high-powered
Italian carbine, called a Mannlicher-Carcano, from Klein's Sporting
Goods Company, a mail order house in Chicago. He sent the coupon air
mail with a postal money order for $21.78 for the rifle, $7.17 for the
scope, to be moounted by a gunsmith emplyed by Klein's and $1.50 for
postage and handling). The rifle was delivere to a "A. HIDELL, Post
Office Box 2915, Dallas, Texas.".

(FN: Oswald's time sheet on 12 March is evidence that he proably lied
sometimes about his hours. On the day he ordered the rifle, he signed
n from 8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., (Exhibit no. 1855, Vol. 23, p. 605).
The U.S. Postal Inspector, Dallas, Harry D. Holmes, later testified
that OSWALD'S order for the rifle was issued "early on the morning of
March 12". This appears to have been the case, for the order was
imprinted on Klein's cash register March 13. Since the post office
window opoened only at 8:00 a.m., OSWALD probably lied when he signed
in then. Thus the time sheets have to be used with caution. M&L, .

But to Bill Kelly, instead of Oswald lying on his time sheets, I would
have asked Stovall if Oswald could have left the premesis and if he
wrote "Sam Bloom" on the account sheet, could have had run copy or
graphics over to the Bloom office for approval during the half hour-
hour time that he said he worked on their project?

Checking with Bugliosi, who wrote 2,000 pages on how Oswald killed JFK
all by himself, you would think he would have devoted a few pages to
how Oswald obtained the rifle, but without any witnesses, documents,
records or any evidence he did so, the Bug simply writes:

”By coincidence, both weapons, pistol and carbine, were shipped to him
on the same day a little over a week later, on March 20. 1096 Marina
noticed the rifle several days later in Lee’s ‘office.’ He later
draped a coat over it for concealment.” p. 1097

Thanks to Robert and Greg for the J/C/S/ time sheet links and Rex at
Mary Ferrell for posting them.