For your understanding of the layout of the area here is a picture of the area.         



Shortly after the shooting sequence several tramps were arrested from a train behind the grassy knoll.

As three of them were marched across Dealy plaza under arrest by DPD, there were several photos taken of the tramps.

 Those photos were never published by mainstream media.

Many claims have been made about who those tramps actually were.

Some say the tall tramp is convicted killer Charles Harrelson, father of movie actor Woody Harrelson.

Some say the tall tramp is Frank Sturgis of Watergate infamy.

Some say the older tramp is E. Howard Hunt of Watergate infamy.

Decades later the authorities said the 3 tramps were actually really tramps.

After having NOTHING to say on the matter for decades the DPD released arrest reports on the following 3 people. (Pictures also decades Later)






Here are earlier photos of Doyle>>>


Do ANY of them look like Doyle???

Here's Hunt at Watergate Hearings & Older Tramp.

Thanks to Gil Jesus there's a video of Doyle stating that they were Booked (mug shots/fingerprinted) & held for several days.


3 minutes into that video Doyle states that they were "BOOKED & given six days for vagrancy"




One more photo to Consider....

On the right hand side of the photo below depicts a Dallas Police Officer wearing a white cap talking to someone  on            n on the right.

The man on the right bears a strong resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald including the shirt he was wearing.

All they need to do is produce the mugg shots taken when "booked '.


Hobo myth laid to rest??

In an attempt to lay to rest the apparent myth that the three hobos arrested behind the grassy knoll on November 22, 1963 were E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Dan Carswell, the Dallas Police released the records of three hobos arrested that day saying they were Gus W. Abrams, Harold Doyle, and John Forrester Gedney. This account hit the papers and inspired a feature on "A Current Affair."

Well, these three men may have been pulled off the train and arrested that day, but they are not the same hobos that were marched though Dealy Plaza. The record and personal account of Harold Doyle prove this. Doyle says that he and the other two were pulled out of the train before it had taken off. (We know that the photographed hobos were taken off the train after Lee Bowers, Jr. had it stopped) In fact, the police records for Abrams, Doyle, and Gedney say that they were arrested as they wandered toward the train. (the photoed hobos were pulled from the train)

And of course the most damaging evidence come from the fact that these alternate hobos stayed in jail for 4 to 6 days. (based on police records and Doyle's own account) The hobos we have come to know and love as Hunt, Sturgis, and Carswell were questioned and released the same day as the assassination.

So the efforts of "lone nutists" such as Vincent Bugliosi and Gerald Ponser have been dispelled. Doyle, Abrams, and Gedney were not the photographed hobos. Their pictures do not match, the timing of their arrest in not consistent, and they actually went to jail. The three photographed hobos that look so similar to C.I.A. operatives Hunt, Sturgis, and Carswell have yet to be explained, the big grey cloud of resonable doubt still hanging over the Warren Report's account of November 22, 1963.



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