second killing of jfk 

 aka... character assasination


                                                     !! THEN CAME THE EXPOSURE OF THE ZAPRUDER FILM !!

 It seemed that the whole world wanted  A new Investigation….

1  NOW it's time to ruin Jackie's image! After all who would feel sorry for a woman that  spends Millions on clothes?

2  Who would want to re_open an investigation for a woman that squanders Hundreds of  Thousands of Dollars annually to satisfy  her every little school girl whim?

3  Who should care about a woman who only thought of herself by trying to get out of the line of fire by climbing on the trunk of the car while her husband lay dying on the back  seat of the limo?

4. Why go to the expense of a new investigation for a woman who was so money hungry she even turned her back on her own country to marry Greek Billionaire Aristotle Onasis?  And, live in Greece?


   JFK himself has been dead for a few years now: As if killing him and covering up the  Conspiracy wasn't enough, NOW it's time to kill him again. NOW it's time to ruin HIS   IMAGE!

5  After all, Who would want to spend the money on another investigation for someone who CHEATED on his wife?

6  Who would worry about someone who shacked up with Marilyn Monroe?

7  Who would worry about someone who may have MURDERED Marilyn Monroe?

8  Who would worry about someone who shacked up with Judith Exner?

            (The only LIVE one to make such claims)

9  Who would worry about someone who arranged the Diem bros. Assassinations?

10 Who would worry about someone who got us involved in Viet Nam?

11 Who would worry about someone who was soft on Communism by not providing air support during THE BAY OF PIGS INVASION?



        MY OPINIONS AND OBSERVATIONS (Based on Study!)

1  The ONLY times I saw Jackie in Elegant attire was at White House State Dinners and Family Occasions. (Don't you dress up for  Family Weddings?)

2  What expensive whims? JFK and Onassis owned numerable homes,  yachts & stables.      JFK OCCUPIED THE OVAL OFFICE FOR "ONE" (1)  DOLLAR PER YEAR. JACKIE   WAS THE ONLY FIRST LADY IN AMERICAN HISTORY TO HOLD A JOB AS AN  EDITOR FOR AN ANERICAN PUBLISHING HOUSE. In view of her legacy from the  Kennedy/Onasis fortunes,  I doubt very much that she undertook this responsibility for a     mere weekly salary! Their ACTIONS are more indicative of GIVERS than the ACTIONS of   TAKERS!    

3  Jackie climbed out on the trunk of a speeding limo to retrieve  the back of JFK's skull that was blown backward by a bullet that  was fired from his RIGHT FRONT.

4  Jackie NEVER turned her back on her country. Her country turned it's back on Jackie. The reason for her popularity was that she served her country so well. In the wake of the     events in Dallas she was so MISSERVED by Pres. Johnson, The Warren Commission,       the Justice Dept., the FBI and the CIA, she had NO protection from any source other           than   Robert F. Kennedy. After the Assassination of RFK on June 4, 1968 Jackie had         good reason to fear for her life and the lives of her children. She sought  PROTECTION in Greece with Onasis. ("THEY'RE KILLING KENNEDY'S", and, my children are kennedy's") 

5  The only live woman to make this claim is Judith Campbell Exner long after JFK's death.     When asked WHY she was coming foreward now? She said she wanted to get it off her     chest  because she's dying of cancer. (That was over 10 years ago. And, she is STILL         among the LIVING.  (A miracle maybe?)

6  Who would go out for Hamburg, when he has STEAK at home?

7  If by now you don't know that JFK was the VICTIM, you're totally blind when they show        the Zapruder Film and you're TOO STUPID to read this or anything else either. Yes! I'm      angry enough to write this way.

8 Unless you were raised in a cave, I'm sure that you've heard it said, that every HUNDRED years or so, ONE woman comes along that will do something illegal/immoral     in exchange for SOME type of  consideration. ($$$$$$$) sarcacism intended!

9  As I stated on the previous page: as soon as Richard M. Nixon got into the White House    in January of 1969, E. Howard Hunt FORGED State Dept. Documents in an attempt to        FRAME JFK for the  Diem Brothers Assassinations.

10 AGAIN, the truth is twisted for the purpose of character Assassination. (Don't you have a      Library in you're Town?)

11 Research! people, there WERE aircraft present at the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Unmarked,belonging to the CIA. Had JFK supplied U.S. warplanes with U.S. markings, it would have been an ACT OF WAR.  (Againsst the Monroe Doctrine)

     (The Constitution of the United States states that the ONLY way we can get involved in  war is by AN ACT OF CONGRESS.   (Until LBJ legislated "The War Powers Act ! ! !).  





SEE>>>   http://whokilledjfk.net/april_22.htm


SEE>>>   http://whokilledjfk.net/zapruder%20film.htm





  by tomnln